Marty Breeden: “In my spirit I hear the ‘Beating of War Drums’!! …LOUDLY!!!”

Developments over the past several days have brought us much closer to war, and it appears that Israel has decided to go into Gaza and overthrow Hamas.  It appears that the Middle East war is about to commence, and that could cause a whole lot of dominoes to start falling.

The following is a message that Marty Breeden posted on Facebook earlier today

I get up this morning and I see several trusted friends and fellow Watchman posting EXACTLY what is on my heart.

In my spirit I hear the “Beating of War Drums”!! …LOUDLY!!!

The situation in Saudi Arabia will digress quickly and I believe war with the Iranians is now COMPLETELY INEVITABLE!

This will then draw in, the U.S., then Russia, then Israel, then an Arab coalition, then China,.
then this could very well be the Ezekiel 38-39 War!!!

IF this chain of events happens, gas prices will SKYROCKET as well as every other item, food, medical, water and a possible collapse of our economy….and even the world market.

I DO NOT share this tidings to cause fear…I’m telling you to prepare!
First STOP allowing the devil to distract you in any way…
FOCUS on the Word of God, and what God has called you to do!!!

It’s imperative in these last hours to be IN THE WILL OF YOUR FATHER!!
Listen closely to His voice and He will lead, guide and direct you!!

Set your heart to NOT FEAR, but rejoice, LIFT up your head for your redemption draws nigh!!!

(On a side note, and do what you will with this…a very trusted friend told me to fill my vehicles up today…he would know)