Marty Breeden: “It Sparkled With A Color Unlike Anything I Had Ever Seen Before”

Marty Breeden’s Dream of Sea and River
July 25, 2020

Lately I’ve been having dreams that take me back to childhood places.

Growing up where I did, there was a very large graveyard right across the road from my house.

Last night I saw myself standing in that graveyard along with other people that I knew, also to include a very prominent Bible prophecy preacher who is very well known.

As we stood at the graveyard we looked across the road and there was a huge enormous body of water.

What made this particularly different was that it seemed to have both the characteristics of a raging river but a mighty sea as well.

I remember several of us trying to enter the waters.

Some people were able to enter in certain spots with great ease and others of us were trying to get in….
but we’re having great difficulty.

The well known Bible prophecy preacher was trying to build a makeshift compass to figure out how to get in the water and once he got there, how to navigate through the waters to get where he wanted to go.

As I walked up-and-down the shores of this body of water I knew that there were certain places that I could not enter, Because I had tried on multiple occasions.

Finally I found a spot, so beautiful, so pristine!

It sparkled with a color unlike anything I had ever seen before and I entered the waters, with great ease and great comfort.

I then began to notice that even after many of us had entered these waters that there were constant distractions.

There would be everything from temptations to great large branches and debris trying to inhibit us from flowing in this body of water like we were supposed to.

I awoke….

I think for all of us, this dream is a message from the Lord!

So often water is symbolic the Spirit of God.

Jesus offered the woman at the well “living water” (John 4).

Ezekiel saw a mighty river and entered into it.(Ezekiel 47)

Jesus said in John 7:38:

“Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water!”

The Apostle John saw the river of God flowing from the throne.

Revelation 22:1:

“And he showed me a river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb”.

My friends it’s time to enter the river of God!

The graveyard was obviously symbolic of death. We can go from death, to the living water of God.

But we can only successfully enter in, when we go the way that God has prepared for us.

And even then there will be challenges along the way but stay in the River of God!