Marty Breeden Just Had An Extremely Alarming Dream About Hell

These days, it is so easy to get caught up in the things of this world and to forget that we are involved in a literal battle of life and death for the souls of billions of men and women.

Hopefully Marty Breeden’s latest dream will encourage many of us to once again start focusing on the eternal things which really matter.  Please share this with everyone that you can…

I’m going to share a startling dream from the night before last.
I shared it at first with a few trusted friends, to include Joanie Stahl who God uses powerfully in dreams and interpretations.

Some may find this troubling, but first it IS Biblical or I wouldn’t post it!
it was a dream, a somber WARNING and I was not seeking to reach out and speak to the dead… in FACT, I never said a word…. but I did listen intently.

Also, I feel this to be yet another “calling out” to the lukewarm, the unsaved,…. maybe even a last call!

Finally before I share the Dream, I also want to say that I think we are being distracted with so many things happening today, even at times getting caught up in sensationalism of some reports by others focusing solely on Bible prophecy,…and that we forget the Simplicity and the beauty and the tragedy of the Cross of Calvary had a blood of Jesus!
We forget the reality of there being a “heaven to gain and a hell to shun” so with that being said, I now share my dream:

October 6, 2019 Dream

“My interview of someone from “Beyond the Grave”

This man had passed on before us and just like Abraham was granted this same “interview” by Jesus himself…in my dream, I had this encounter.
(Luke 16:19-31)

He emerged from the graveyard….
He came and sat down beside me on the bench not far from the graveyard.
Still having on his grave clothes he was dirty and disheveled but he wanted to talk, he wanted to warn and I wanted to listen.

The first thing he said was:
“I’m in hell, but it’s not my final hell……Its not my final destination!
There will be a final judgment and I dread that day!!!

He said:
” I didn’t make it, because I resisted, I refused!”
“The call.. that call from God came time and time and time again and I ignored it!”
The young man that was speaking was probably only in his 30s.
He obviously been taken early in life.
He had obviously assumed but he had plenty of time and …..he had obviously assumed wrong.

He said with a guttural hopelessness and great grief and sorrow:
” There remains no hope or help for me… my time has come and gone and my time has now passed BUT WARN, WARN, WARN!!!
For No One REALLY Believes that THEY THEMSELVES will ever end up here in this awful place !”

He then slowly arose from the bench, and started walking back toward the graveyard….he disappeared and I awoke!

As best I can recall, I never said a word.
I had so many questions, but scripture is quite clear that we who are alive are not to seek dialogue with those who are passed.

My friends, do with this what you will….but this encounter seemed more real than life itself and it was foreboding and surreal!!

But also remember but as you read this within the next 24 hours over 150,000 people will perish and most of those , according to Christ will die unsaved and end up in that terrible place the stakes could not be higher!!!!
Remember, it was Jesus who said:
(John 4:35)