Marty Breeden: “Last night I clearly saw Russia making a first strike!”

For a very long time, the Lord has been showing men and women all over the world that someday Russia will hit the United States with a devastating nuclear first strike, and that first strike will be followed up some time later by an invasion involving Russian and Chinese forces.  Of course there are many other prophecies that must be fulfilled first, and so this is not going to happen immediately.  But it definitely is coming, and this is what Marty Breeden was just shown about this future conflict…

Last night, it seemed as though I dreamed ALL NIGHT of the coming WAR!

I’m well aware that many of you get weary of me warning….can I be SO HONEST as to tell you that I too get weary of doing the warning??

Last night I clearly saw Russia making a first strike!
I saw bombs coming toward America.

What makes this particularly interesting is a good friend of mine, Barbara Parker
sent me a message this morning saying that she too had dreams last night about war with Russia and seeing bombs!!

Then Barbara shared something I thought profound and I asked her permission to share:

“Reality of how we cannot be ready physically. Everything changes at that moment.
A state of accomplishing our tasks and plans instantly turns to survival.”

I think she was spot on!!!
This is not a call to cause you to fear, ….
It is yet another call to tell you to prepare your hearts SPIRITUALLY, to prepare logistically as best you can, and leave the rest to God!!

Lastly, I am receiving an OVERWHELMING amount of private messages from many who are dreaming the EXACT SAME THING!

So I do not share these things lightly.

I’m well aware that the Lord has blessed me with an audience and I am so thankful for that AND, I take that into consideration with every post.

Blessings and MARANATHA!