Marty Breeden: “We Walked Into A Special Room That Had A Huge Map Of The United States”

Marty Breeden just sent me a dream that he had on July 2nd, and as I read the dream it really resonated with me.  We must never forget that we are engaged in a spiritual conflict, and the powers of darkness are relentlessly working to defeat us.  And if we are not on guard, we can be subtly moved from pursuing our mission by strife, discord, distraction and the concerns of this life.  Without a doubt, there are hundreds of different things that are constantly trying to pull us away from our true purpose.  Here is Marty’s dream…

Dream July 2, 2019

I believe what I saw last night was shown to me in a symbolic way, so that I might understand…..
But that the manifestation of this is VERY REAL and happening in the spirit!!


First, I was walking with my youngest daughter through this very dark and depressing building.
It was massive!
We were on what I would call a “self tour”.

First, we walked into a special room that had a huge map of the United States.
All over the map there were lines drawn, tape, mostly red and pins placed on certain areas of the map.

As a retired Cop, this was very concerning to me because almost the entire map was drawn up like a “Crime scene”!!

I thought, “My word, what is happening?”….”What is going on?”

After I could not decipher or solve this map, I decided to walk out further into this building.

We walked into this massive room and we were SHOCKED to see it being used and running at a breakneck speed in full production.

At every station, there was a demonic entity feverishly at work!

At first I was stunned but then I quickly remembered that I had the power of Christ within me and this massive room of demons was subject to Christ within me!!

I walked up to one of them and saw him making an exact replica of himself and placing it in a container to be shipped.

I asked him:
“What are you making, and why are you doing this?”

He never stopped his feverish working, but he said:
“We are shipping these out, to every home in America, for we have but a short time!”

I said “What are these?”
He said “They are replicas of ourselves to be sent to EACH HOME!”….

He continued…”Fear, depression, anger, strife, division, addiction, perversion, sickness and then our most successful one…DISTRACTION!”
Then he said:
“Many families with get several, but ALL will get some!!!”

As he said this, I looked all around and saw these “replicas” being sent out with great speed and efficiency from this manufacturing plant!!….

I awoke…….