Mega-siege attack by Hamas thwarted by Israeli troops in Gaza

Gaza Tunnel - Photo by IDF

The second discovery has barely been met with attention by the media both outside of Israel. Israelis talk of nothing else. This is probably because the media cares more about numbers than it does about context and fact, as was recently pointed out by Prof. Alan Dershowitz. Plans for an attack so massive that Israel would likely never fully recover—the equivalent of 9/11—were found during the ground operation of Protective Edge.

The plan outlines Hamas’ intent to send a swarm of up to 1000’s of terrorists through multiple tunnels, exiting at multiple points. The terrorists would go on a rampage of a siege-attack, killing as many as they possibly could. Material discoveries made in the tunnels puts the pieces of the puzzle together as to how this would work. Automatic weapons and explosives, rocket launchers…and IDF uniforms. Their victims would initially think that Israeli soldiers are shooting at them. Soldiers wouldn’t know who to shoot at either.

The ‘siege attack’ has been used many times over the last few years in a number of different countries. Lakshar-e-Taibe could arguably be credited with popularizing this form of attack in Mumbai, although they did not create it. Before them it was used in Russia and after it was used in Algeria, Kenya, the Philippines and Nigeria. Imagine if during the 2008 Mumbai attacks there were thousands of attackers instead of just a handful. The devastation would have been enormous.

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