Mind Boggling Spin: Planned Parenthood Claims That It PREVENTS Abortions

Planned Parnethood Evil

Senator Rand Paul, one of the leaders of the movement to defund PP, appeared on CNN this past weekend, labelling the organisation as “a front for doing abortions”.

Paul said that funding should go to the community health centers “that do everything that Planned Parenthood does, but they don’t get into abortions.”

“I do support a role for government in community health centers.” Paul noted, adding that “The specific bill, including it in Obamacare, obviously, would make it such that I can’t support that particular bill,” he said. “But supporting some funding for community health centers, I think, is reasonable. And there are people who do need help.”

The measure to defund PP is not expected to pass given that Republicans will need support from several Democrats to reach the 60-vote threshold.

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