Missouri Woman Dies, Goes to Heaven, and Comes Back with a Mission

(ETH) – “I knew that I had gone to my heavenly home.” “And almost immediately, from what I could tell, I heard music,” Charlotte described. “I’d seen the trees, and the flowers and everything and it was swaying with the music… the praise of the angels and the people there.”

“I smelt the most beautiful flowers I have ever smelt in my life,” she continued. “There are no flowers on this earth that smell like that.” Charlotte told CBN that she was standing at the “pearly gates” and saw family and friends who had passed away.

“There were so many more behind them, all my friends, all my family, the saints of old,” she continued. “There are no words to express (it).” “I looked and there stood my family. My mom, my dad, my sister, my best friend,” she said. “They looked young.” (Read More…)