Mother Says That Dressing Her Three-Year-Old Daughter Modestly Has Become ‘Mission Impossible’

Young Girl - Public Domain

Dressing my fashionable three-year-old is a daily project. She’s a feisty toddler with opinions about everything—especially what she wears. I love that about her.

Thankfully, it’s not too hard to please us both on weekdays. She’s thrilled to wear endless pink and anything Hello Kitty, and I’m pleased when she dresses weather appropriately. The larger challenge, I’m finding, is dressing my preschooler on Saturday mornings, when our family heads to synagogue. It should be fairly simple to find a cute dress for a three-year-old, yet I’m learning it’s anything but.

Perhaps I missed a memo. I’m familiar with the casual short-dress-over-leggings look, which is fine; the dress recalls the oversized T-shirts we wore with stirrups in the ’80s. This is different, though. Dresses meant to be worn solo, or with tights, have been downsized, as well.

Is there demand for mini-skirts among the playground set? Are there parents who prefer shorter hemlines? Or do most parents just shrug as they plunk down their credit cards?

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