Mountain-sized Asteroid Heading OUR Way

Asteroid - Public Domain

NASA is monitoring the “close Earth” pass of the mountain-sized space rock – which measures 1.5-miles across – that will hurtle past the planet at 45,450mph, or 70 times the speed of a jumbo jet, on July 25.

The “cosmic close shave” comes as scientists and astronomers tomorrow join forces to demand more global action to develop systems on Earth that could destroy or divert a large asteroid, in the event one could take a direct collision course with the planet.

The asteroid due to approach Earth at the end of July, named 1999 JD6, is 15 times the size of anything else on the radar and dwarfs the three recent large passes that had some astronomers spooked.

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1 thought on “Mountain-sized Asteroid Heading OUR Way”

  1. The problem I see is someone giving one of these asteroids a slight “nudge” in the right direction.
    That would alter the near miss orbit to one in which the asteroid plows into the Earth.
    Where it plunges is all about what kind of nudge it gets.
    Anything that size will not burn up in the atmosphere.
    It will get incredibly hot on its way in.
    If it hit Yellowstone for instance it would practically change everything here on this planet permanently for everyone involved. That includes Russia, China, ISIS, and just about everyone else.
    That makes every weapon on this planet obsolete.

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