Muslims Are Buying Up Christian Churches Across The United States

Church In America

Muslims are exponentially buying up Christian churches and converting them into mosques, which indicates Islam could be a dominant U.S. religion by the 22nd century.

The former Catholic Church of St. John in St. Paul, Minn., which operated from 1886 to 2013, is now known as the Darul-Uloom Islamic Center and experiences heavy attendance every week.

Similarly, the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Syracuse, N.Y., has been transformed into Masjid Isa Ibn Maryam.

“Even as the crosses were cut from the church spires on the outside, and 10,000 crosses were painted over on the inside, the new owners of 501 Park St. tried to leave what they could, and reuse what they couldn’t,” Marnie Elsenstadt with reported. “The wood from the pews has been repurposed to fix the floor, which is where Muslims sit to pray.”

“Painters worked to make the minbar, the pulpit where the imam stands, blend in with the stonework.”

And two Baptist churches in Louisville, Ky., have been turned into mosques.

The demand for mosques is being driven primarily by refugees from Syria, Somalia and other countries where Islam is a dominant religion.

And it’s not just the demand driving this religious transformation; Christian churches are going bankrupt as Americans become increasingly secular, meaning it’s a buyer’s market for newly-arrived Muslims looking for church property to call home.

“We are on the brink of a massive transfer of kingdom assets,” Pastor Todd Robertson of the Antioch Baptist Church said. “I’m talking about property — buildings and things like that — of churches that, in their heyday of the ’50s and ’60s, were exploding with growth.”

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1 thought on “Muslims Are Buying Up Christian Churches Across The United States”

  1. I wonder at it all.
    I knew a man that used to tithe 30% of his annual total income to his church. By all rights, the man should have been pennyless when he died at around the age of 87. He was an engineer.
    He designed equipment that kept people from losing limbs in the equipment. Simply keeping any equipment from running unless both hands were firmly and safely in place.
    Last I heard there were about 34 patents on the devices he designed.
    When he died he left his only adapted son 4 million dollars.
    He was a devout Christian.
    The sickness of the churches is that they got greedy. And also they did not teach tithes right. They taught tithes as it is taught in the old testament when the entire society was agricultural. Not like it is today. Not when the gross and the net are so far apart. Most people do not even attempt to tithe when the net is so low.
    The correct way to tithe? I don’t really know.
    After a divorce left me poverty stricken I made a pact with myself and hopefully God that I would tithe anything left the day before payday out of my wallet. Sometimes it was 50 cents. But sometimes it was a $20 bill.
    I did this for years when I was a wage earner.
    And even though after child support I was literally broke most of the time, God must have responded.
    I kept up the mortgage payments that were double what they were when I had to refinance because of the divorce. She left me not the other way around and I kept two of the three kids.
    The youngest was under 12 and did not have a choice.
    Eventually the children went back to her one at a time. Men are seldom well equipped to family on their own. I was no exception and had no family close to help me.
    That put me at 120 dollars child support per week. I never charged her child support when I had 2 and she had 1.
    I also supplied health insurance for all the children. She also got the tax dependence at that time.
    When I tithed my luck changed. The good Lord kept his side of the bargain and I was often fortunate enough to get extra income.
    It was never about the amount with me. It was the fact that I made the effort to tithe what I could.
    In today’s world we end up being taxed on at least 4 levels. Federal, State, City, and County taxes are all aimed at the working person. It does not realistically leave many capable of tithes on the old testament way of doing things.
    Thus you have a whole lot of churches going bankrupt. The people simply do not attempt to support them.
    I know a whole lot of exceptions to that statement.
    When I was in my 20s, my first wife and I donated time to the Salvation Army. We got to know many people that were good Christians that way and it kept her busy while I worked second shift.
    Last year I met with one of the people I know. He just came back from New York where his former gym students are now professional atheletes and businessmen. He collected 41 million dollars for the Salvation Army cause on that trip.
    He trained them free of charge and this was their chance to repay a little of his kindness.
    We have a lot of deadwood in Christian Churches all over this country.
    We also have a lot of dynamic people for Christ right where I live.
    Those are the ones that will survive and prosper in the years to come.

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