Negotiations For The Global Pandemic Treaty Have Broken Down, But Fear Of What Is Coming Next May Revive Them

The World Health Organization was hoping that there would be a vote on the global pandemic treaty at the World Health Assembly at the end of this month, but now that is not going to happen.  Negotiations that were supposed to result in a final draft of the treaty have completely broken down, and that is great news because the treaty would have transferred a tremendous amount of authority to the World Health Organization.  But if dengue fever continues to rip across the globe like it has been, or if H5N1 mutates into a form that can spread easily from person to person, fear of what is coming next could potentially revive the negotiations.

On Friday, the WHO publicly admitted that negotiations had ended without producing a final draft of the treaty.  The following comes from ABC News

On Friday, Roland Driece, co-chair of WHO’s negotiating board for the agreement, acknowledged that countries were unable to come up with a draft. WHO had hoped a final draft treaty could be agreed on at its yearly meeting of health ministers starting Monday in Geneva.

“We are not where we hoped we would be when we started this process,” he said, adding that finalizing an international agreement on how to respond to a pandemic was critical “for the sake of humanity.”

Driece said the World Health Assembly next week would take up lessons from its work and plot the way forward, urging participants to make “the right decisions to take this process forward” to one day reach a pandemic agreement “because we need it.”

At one time, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had such high hopes for the treaty, and he still insists that “anything is possible”

Addressing a sullen final day of negotiations, the WHO chief insisted, “This is not a failure.”

“We will try everything — believing that anything is possible — and make this happen because the world still needs a pandemic treaty,” he said.

Since the treaty is dead for now, this means that the WHO will not be running the show when the next global pandemic arrives.

And we should be very thankful for that.

But it is just a matter of time before there are renewed calls for a treaty, because we are already seeing some very chilling things happen all over the globe.

In areas that have tropical climates, dengue fever is spreading at an unprecedented rate.

This disease is also known as “bone crusher fever”, and there have already been millions of confirmed cases in 2024…

Australian travellers are being warned of a sharp increase in a potentially deadly virus, commonly known as the ‘bone crusher fever’ — with more than five million people now contracting the condition – and cases almost doubling in 2024 alone.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and 1Cover Travel Insurance, dengue fever — a potentially fatal acute infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito — has seen a rise likely due to increased post-Covid travel and the El Niño climate cycle.

Earlier this week, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) reported that dengue fever outbreaks are happening globally, with a “higher-than-usual number of cases” being witnessed in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and The Pacific.

We have never seen an outbreak of dengue fever on this scale before.

And it is here in the United States too.

In fact, Miami has become the “epicenter” for the spread of dengue fever in this country…

Miami’s role as the gateway to Latin America has also made it the US epicenter of dengue fever.

Cases of the mosquito-borne illness in Florida have more than doubled this year compared with the same period in 2023, as unsuspecting travelers have carried the virus back from the Caribbean and Southern Hemisphere. Now, authorities are working to keep the disease from infecting the local mosquito population before this summer’s heavy rains turbocharge the risks.

Malaria is another disease that is spread by mosquitos that is causing major problems all over the world this year.

Could it be possible that researchers that have been purposely breeding tens of millions of mosquitos have made a huge mistake?

The bird flu is also making lots of headlines right now.

At the end of last week, officials at the CDC warned that they are bracing themselves for the “possibility of increased risk to human health”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a summary on Friday that it is preparing for the “possibility of increased risk to human health” from bird flu following an outbreak among dairy cows and two confirmed human cases.

H5N1 has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of birds over the past couple of years, but as long as it wasn’t affecting humans most people weren’t too concerned.

Well, now it has been infecting cows all over the country, and 19 of 23 wastewater sites in Texas recently tested positive for the virus

In Texas, for example, 19 out of 23 wastewater sites were found to contain traces of the virus between early March and the end of April, according to Texas Wastewater Environmental Biomonitoring. Meanwhile, the state has some 400 dairy farms, and just 14 herds have tested positive for bird flu to date, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The bird flu has also been showing up in grocery store milk from coast to coast, but experts insist that we should not be concerned because the virus is killed by the pasteurization process.

But officials are warning us not to drink raw milk because they believe that it could “make you very sick”

As the avian influenza virus, type A H5N1, continues to spread to an unknown number of dairy cows, health experts are informing the public milk and other dairy products are still safe to consume – with one major exception.

When a cow is infected with bird flu, high amounts of the virus can be detected in its milk. However, the pasteurization process kills off or inactivates the virus, the Food and Drug Administration says.

Raw milk, on the other hand, is not pasteurized. “Raw milk can be contaminated with harmful germs that can make you very sick,” the CDC says on its website.

Many scientists are worried that it could be just a matter of time before the bird flu mutates into a form that can spread very easily among humans.

Let us hope that is not true, because more than 50 percent of the humans that have tested positive for H5N1 since 2003 have ended up dead.

We live at a time when it has become so easy for just about anyone to monkey around with a deadly disease and release it into the public.

Personally, I am entirely convinced that deadly diseases will play a major role in reshaping society during the apocalyptic era that is ahead of us.

Our ability to create deadly diseases now far surpasses our ability to control them, and the fear that global outbreaks create will be used by those that wish to accumulate power for themselves.

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