Netanyahu Warns: Deal Or No Deal, We Won’t Let Iran Go Nuclear

Nuclear Explosion

As talk continues of an imminent deal between Iran and world powers – one which reportedly would see Tehran receive all of its demands – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has added his voice to a growing number of senior Israeli officials warning that regardless of the outcome, Israel is not bound by the deal.

“Even over the weekend, as Iran continued to receive more and more concessions at the negotiating table, Iranian President Rouhani led a march of hatred in the streets of Tehran in which the masses cried, ‘Death to America! Death to Israel!'” Netanyahu said, describing Iran’s recent “Al Quds (Jerusalem) Day” in an address to the Knesset Monday.

“If the concessions continued even after these unequivocal calls for the destruction of those conducting the negotiations, it seems that there are those who are ready to make an agreement at any price – and this bad agreement is unavoidable,” the prime minister acknowledged.

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1 thought on “Netanyahu Warns: Deal Or No Deal, We Won’t Let Iran Go Nuclear”

  1. Gee what nice people we are dealing with here . . . NOT!
    They wouldn’t be the same people killing Christians right and left in their own country would it?
    This wouldn’t be the same people declaring “Death to Americans” would it?
    This wouldn’t be the same Muslims that declare any deals they make with non Muslims are not valid deals would it?
    Liars, liars, how do you deal with liars . . .
    This wouldn’t be the same people enforcing their version of religion on everyone with terror?
    Remember one thing. Their target changes with the weather. They are just as likely to throw a bomb or two or four at us as they are to throw one at Israel.
    I don’t want our people there period. I want to isolate us from them. That includes all of them.
    That means removing our embassies. That means removing our troops. It means let them fight it out amongst themselves and leave us completely alone. It means leave us alone or face total destruction.
    I suggest we find another place to drill our oil from.
    I suggest we let Russia and China deal with these oath breakers.
    The same goes for the fanatics in the area.
    There is no dealing with people that will not abide by their own word. And that is the problem Israel has. They have years of dealing with contract breakers and oath breakers. Because no matter what they do, they will come back to murder whomever they are dealing with that are not their own.
    Giving them a loaded gun in a closed room is simply not a very wise decision on anyone’s part. And that is what nuclear weapons are all about. Give them to people I consider crazy? Well that is what this treaty is all about.

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