New Book Validates Bible’s Historical Accounts, Challenges Evolutionary Timeline

Brilliant by Bruce Malone

A new book released last month reveals the accuracy of the Bible’s historical accounts and spotlights several recent findings that contradict the evolutionary time-frame.

Bruce Malone, founder of Search for the Truth Publications, is a popular Christian speaker and author of several books, including “Censored Science.” His latest book, titled “Brilliant,” explores the timeline of world history through a biblical worldview.

“Cultures throughout the world are filled with mysteries which do not fit the pervasive evolutionary time-frame, but make perfect sense if the Biblical timeline of history is understood,” Malone said in a press release. “‘Brilliant’ takes the Bible seriously and every page contains an artifact from some ancient culture testifying to the reality of these true events of history.”

Brilliant” highlights many recent historical and archaeological findings that challenge the uniformitarian, evolutionary time-frame. The Ice Age, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Great Flood, and many other historical events are documented within the book’s pages.

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