New Survey Shows More Americans Now Support Gay Marriage Than Ever Before

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Support for same-sex marriage is at a record high, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Monday.

A majority of Americans — 57% — are in favor of gay marriage. Just five years ago, only 42% of Americans supported same-sex marriage.

The Pew Research Center survey, conducted via telephone interviews among 2,002 adults nationwide, found divides along racial lines in terms of support for same-sex marriage. While 59% of whites and 56% of Hispanics support gay marriage, only 51% of blacks are in favor.

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1 thought on “New Survey Shows More Americans Now Support Gay Marriage Than Ever Before”

  1. When citizens look at Gay Marriage what is the advantage of a couple of gays getting married? It does complicate legally separation.
    The only advantage I can see is legal. They now would enjoy some amount of legal privilege left over from when the Government favored couples getting married. There used to be a fair tax advantage that has disappeared.
    Being faithful to one another might be an advantage. Or not. Depending on how promiscuous we are dealing with here. And if for some reason they break up, what are the legal ramifications of a gay divorce?
    There are other factors here as well. Can they have children? I mean either by proxy or by adoption. For instance, a sperm donor situation where two female homosexuals would get impregnated and then have a children. Would the government then recognize their right to raise a child? Given their circumstance of homosexual behavior, would the state consider them fit parents?
    I know of a true case of paternity. The sperm donor impregnated some 26 gay people. They had children. The man actually was well thought of by the gay couples involved and had visitation rights with the children. The legal hassle was enormous. The state wanted to go after him because the mother ended up on welfare. Even though the entire situation was voluntary on both party’s part, the state wanted child support.
    26 cases of child support?
    Not to mention any religious concerns. Many religions do not recognize gays getting married. That means legal action against ministers refusing to hold marriage ceremonies for gays. I suggest that religious freedom is at stake here. Forcing an issue where gays want to get married in a church?
    There are things you can mandate and things that belong under free will. Discriminating against gays getting married and suing businesses that have religious foundations against gay marriage needs to be addressed before we have any gay marriages and that has not happened.
    I favor the law NOT getting involved in people’s rights NOT to be involved in business activities with any belief system out there.
    That means if a business refuses to service gays, they have every right to refuse on religious grounds.
    That is a whole lot different than refusing to serve the general public under discrimination laws.
    What we are dealing with is a religious belief against behavior on the part of the individuals being served. If that behavior by their church’s rules is taboo, then they should have every right to refuse service. I suggest it needs to be posted somewhere to keep gay couples from being embarrassed by said refusal.
    This dates back a long time in history over many different religions and belief systems. The key is not to allow it to become a court case damaging a lot of very innocent people.
    All of which has to be resolved one way or another BEFORE we allow recognition of a Gay Couple getting married.

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