Nita Johnson’s Vision Of The End Times Prophets: “The Church Greatly Fears Their Coming”

In 1991, Nita Johnson had a very unusual vision.  The Lord showed her that those being released for front-line ministry at that time were “silver vessels”, but that the “golden vessels” would be hidden and not be released for ministry until later.

When they are finally released, the Lord told her that the Church would greatly fear them.  The following is what Nita was shown about this

Then the vision changed and I saw a huge brick oven – a sort of kiln – one that would be used for baking pottery in perhaps the early 1800’s. In looking closer, instead of potter, I saw silver vessels being fired.

I asked the Lord what the silver vessels were. I than saw a man’s arm reach in with a long shovel-like instrument to take the silver vessels out. The Lord replied, “These are they whom I am releasing at this time for front-line ministry.”

I found myself strangely drawn back to again peer into the huge oven. I said, “Lord, what are those vessels way back in the back? Do you see them, Lord? I can just barely see them. They seem almost hidden back on a shelf in the back of the oven.

The Lord then replied, “Those are my golden vessels. I am keeping them hidden in the fiery furnace until the time of their appearing. Only silver vessels will be revealed at this time. The golden vessels will be released soon after their great fiery trial.” The vision came to an end.

When I saw these prophets coming and saw the Church’s fear, I couldn’t help but ask Him, “Lord, why does the Church so fear these awesome men?” “They will bear the rod of government – a seemingly unbearable yoke to the Church.” I saw and felt the power and unparalleled authority flowing out of these golden vessels. I felt the holy fear of God which emanated from them, and I instinctively knew that the apostle would bear a rod of government of even greater proportion. The Lord then concluded by saying, “The
Church greatly fears their coming.”

As for the Church heeding the counsel of these golden vessels; it will be a way of safety and life!