Now We Have A 4th Prophetic Voice That Had A Supernatural Experience Specifically Warning About September

We are getting warning after warning about the second half of this year, and the month of September has been specifically singled out as when the chaos will start. Yesterday, I posted an article which detailed the fact that Pastor Dana Coverstone, Dr. Maurice Sklar and John Fenn have all had prophetic experiences in recent weeks in which they were specifically warned about the month of September and the months following.

Well, now we can add a fourth prophetic voice to that list.

On June 30th, Charles Turner III had a prophetic dream which shook him to the core.  He has been having prophetic experiences for many years, but what he was shown affected him so deeply that he didn’t feel ready to share it on YouTube until July 3rd.  In his video, he tells us that he was shown that great chaos, violence and pandemonium will break out, and he heard the Lord specifically instruct him to warn the people about the months of “September, October, November”.

Needless to say, this lines up perfectly with what Pastor Dana Coverstone, Dr. Maurice Sklar and John Fenn were also shown.

We used an online transcription tool to make a very rough transcript of Charles Turner’s video, and the most relevant section of that transcript has been posted below.  Just like with Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams, I do not believe that everything that he saw will take place during this calendar year.  In fact, I believe that both men were shown things that will transpire over a number of years.  But without a doubt, what Charles Turner III was shown should deeply alarm all of us…

And right when I made that decision. I heard people robbing each other, they work, breaking into each other’s homes, people were trying to steal things from cars on the street. People were stealing food. People were were absolutely trying to take things from each other and they were doing it by force, and willing to die for it. And all of a sudden, I looked at, I said what is going on I grabbed my interest in what is going on, and all of a sudden, above me I heard a loud voice, say bloodshed.

And as soon as I heard that voice, immediately people were shooting each other, they weren’t carrying guns in the street. There was no police anywhere to police this issue or to bring order. It was complete chaos of what was going on, I did not understand this and it just freaked me out so bad and also my eyes popped open from sleep. And when my eyes popped open. I was so disturbed with what I saw. And immediately I started praying and I looked at the clock, it was 3am in the morning. I knew that my wife had to get up early. So I thought, I’ll just wait to help her so she can get situated was early and, and just tried to reason what I had just seen.

And somehow, some way in the midst of my disturbance I fell asleep and then when I fell asleep again. I saw the same three pastors. This time they were bigger, and they were higher. I saw the people, it was dark, there were no lights, people were trying to find lights, and there was no lights to find anything, and because of the darkness incapability to get any lighted areas pandemonium broke out his stereo broke up. I saw people arguing in parking lots shooting each other I saw people in neighborhoods, standing out in front of their houses suing each other. It was crazy.

When I saw this, I was so disturbed. And I looked up and I said, God, please help us. Please help this is going on.

And all of a sudden, I saw, China and Russia coming into the United States of America I don’t know that understanding but they were military, they were soldiers. And they were coming in to maintain the peace, I don’t know where the US military was or anything like that but they were coming in, and what they were doing was putting people in concentration camps.

They were arresting people Chinese soldiers and Russian soldiers were arresting people and they were taking guns from everybody. I grabbed my face and I said, what, what are you doing in America. As soon as I answer that question in the dream. Immediately I heard the Lord shout and he said “September, October, November.” He said “warn the people”.

And I woke up.