Obamacare causing massive wave of hospital closures across USA

Surviving The Medical Meltdown

A number of acute-care hospitals closed across the United States last year — 18 to be exact — and experts who see a raft of new regulatory processes being heaped upon the healthcare industry in the coming years, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, believe that a wave of additional closures are ahead.

As noted by WorldNetDaily, a dozen more hospitals have closed in the U.S. so far this year in rural areas alone; more are getting ready to be shuttered. But Dr. Lee Hieb, M.D., says this is just the beginning.

“Events happening now give us some idea of what medicine will be reduced to in the future,” she wrote in her upcoming book, Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare, which is being published by WND Books.

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1 thought on “Obamacare causing massive wave of hospital closures across USA”

  1. The IRS is the master of bureaucratic regulation.
    That was why I thought it was a disaster in the making to put Obamacare under the IRS.
    The good news is they will regulate it to death in the coming year.
    The bad news is there will be many victims in the process.
    I maintain that ignorance of the law is no excuse.
    But what if the law becomes so complicated that no one understands it? What if the regulations are so massive that no one in a lifetime could even read them, much less follow them?
    In the past, the IRS has performed very poorly. In media tests, 8 out of 10 agents gave a different answer to the same question.
    That would not be so bad IF the appeals process were a little more direct.
    The IRS is likely to ACT. Then the public is forced to REACT. That is how our system works. In reacting to rulings by the IRS, a lot of money changes hands for lawyers.
    The programmer’s creed is called KISS. That stands for Keep It Simple Stupid!
    I think the regulation of our lives has become a nightmare. When government agencies write over 100 regulations a day then something is wrong.
    Right now it is virtually impossible for a small business to stay on the right side of the laws concerning the IRS.
    The Healthcare Act itself is likely to be ruled unconstitutional down the road of history. Not because the original law was not well written. It will end up ruled unconstitutional simply because no one will understand it after the regulations are all put in place.
    Right now, as 2015 approaches, many people will be fined for not following the law and getting health insurance.
    Next year, the penalties increase.
    When time passes and things become intolerable, then the pressure begins. The Democrats have succeeded in doing one thing right.
    They have awakened the sleeping tiger better known as the silent majority of people out there.
    That means that every Representative and every Senator will be under a microscope in the coming two years. That means the current bunch will more than likely retire rather than face the public in the coming election in 2016.
    I see potential candidates going after them based on their record of votes in the current and coming Congress.

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