Obama’s legacy: 10.7 million more people now use food stamps, a 32 percent jump since he took office


In 2016, the number of individuals receiving SNAP benefits increased to more than 44 million people. This is a 32 percent increase over 2009. With the unemployment rate showing a drop from nearly 10 percent in 2009 to under 5 percent at the close of 2016, we have to wonder why so many are in need of assistance. If the job market is booming as Obama claims it is, why are more and more people needing to access government assistance benefits? With an exponential rise in the cost of living and a stagnant minimum wage, even those working multiple jobs cannot afford to eat.

It is also reported that only 75 percent of those eligible actually apply and receive benefits, meaning that as of 2009, 11 million people that would qualify were not participating in SNAP. With today’s population growth, that would equal nearly 19 million people that regularly go hungry under the Obama administration.

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