Palestinians Continue to Pursue Statehood – Israel Continues to Rely on the U.S. to Stop Them

UN Security Council - Photo by Hu Totya

On Tuesday, Palestinians submitted a draft resolution to the U.N. Security Council that would have set a tight deadline for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. It was defeated, receiving support from only eight out of 15 members.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power, whose past criticisms of Israel were a source of controversy during her confirmation hearings last year, cast the U.S. vote against what she called a “deeply imbalanced” resolution. Secretary of State John Kerry, an extremely unpopular figure in Tel Aviv whose attempted intervention in last summer’s conflict in Gaza was described by a senior Israeli official as a “strategic terror attack,” worked the phones, reportedly convincing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan at the last minute to switch from supporting the resolution to abstaining, denying it the nine votes needed for passage.

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1 thought on “Palestinians Continue to Pursue Statehood – Israel Continues to Rely on the U.S. to Stop Them”

  1. I think the Palestinian people need a say in their own government. That being said:
    The only way that will happen though is when they can be relied upon to keep their word.
    The reputation there is not a good one.
    When a people lies and fails to follow contracts, no one will trust that people to do so in the future.
    When any people resorts to violence instead of negotiations in good faith, it is difficult to make a plan that will work to give them the independence that they want.
    These people will not get along with the Jewish People no matter what we do.
    If these were children, then consequences could be set up for not following their word.
    These are grown people with the idea that the rest of us are not worthy of making deals with that they intend to keep.
    Until that changes, no one wins.

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