Planned Parenthood Begs Media: Stop Covering Our Scandal

Planned Parenthood Millions Served

Planned Parenthood is in real trouble. Three shocking videos released over recent days — with more on the way, apparently — have shown officials at the abortion giant haggling over the price of aborted baby organs. It’s ghastly, gruesome stuff, replete with one representative describing how she alters her late term abortion procedures to “crush” the baby in specific areas as to preserve sought-after and lucrative body parts.  Another laughs that higher prices could help her buy “a Lamborghini.” The abortion lobby argues that fetuses are not human beings worthy of legal protection, while selling the intact human organs of the “non-people” they kill.

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1 thought on “Planned Parenthood Begs Media: Stop Covering Our Scandal”

  1. The problem I see is the “Christian” Republican Party voted to fund Planned Parenthood.
    Which amounts to a good portion of the funding of the Republican Party as the “Christian” party. Churches throughout the country are notoriously Republican.
    Mr. Boehner voted to fund this agency. It is no secret that the agency is pro-abortion.
    How many other Republicans voted to fund Planned Parenthood?
    How do they explain this vote to their people back home or do they hope to drop the whole thing?
    One of the articles on this site is Boehner Won’t Say That GOP House Will Defund Planned Parenthood.
    Actions speak a lot more than mere words. If a representative speaks one way to the public and acts another way when that person votes it might just be time to recall that person and get someone who will speak the truth rather than lies.
    That is why Trump for all of his statements will be able to take over and run for President. No one else seems to be against what the current bunch are all about.

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