“Praise Darwin”: University Of Connecticut Professor’s Bizarre Rant Goes Viral

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A deranged public tirade by a professor of anthropology at the University of Connecticut is putting the evolution vs. creation debate back into the headlines. He recently spent more than two hours harassing Christian evangelists that were trying to preach to students on campus, and at one point he even asked one of the evangelists if he “had accepted Darwin as my lord and savior”. Later on, he even encouraged students to join him in publicly proclaiming the phrase “Praise Darwin!” This bizarre behavior has suddenly made this obscure professor quite famous, and as you will see below, he is not apologizing for his behavior. Sadly, this professor does not even seem to be aware of what Charles Darwin actually stood for. If he did, he would probably not be so proud of himself.

When I first came across this story, I could hardly believe it. What kind of self-respecting professor would spend more than two hours publicly confronting Christian evangelists on campus?…

James Boster, a professor of anthropology, spent more than two hours trying to draw students away from evangelists.

“He asked me if I had accepted Darwin as my lord and savior,” evangelist Don Karns told Christian News Network. “He was very agitated, very demonstrative. … It was very unbecoming of a professor.”

Boster repeatedly used profanity and there were moments when it actually looked like he was going to physically attack the Christian evangelists. And his attempt to get students to publicly praise Darwin was more than just a little bizarre…

Karns said that Boster then confronted him a second time, using profanity and getting in his face. Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries in Jackson, New Jersey, said he witnessed Boster present a speech in an attempt to agitate the students.

“He started to address the students as ‘My brothers and sisters of Darwin,’” Rappaport said.

“I want you to join me in saying, ‘Praise Darwin!’” Boster mocked, as students echoed his refrain. “Amen!” Boster proclaimed.

You can see video footage from this confrontation posted below. But please be warned that Professor Boster repeatedly uses some very strong language in this video clip…

So was Boster sorry for what he did after he got a chance to cool down for a while?


According to Christian News Network, Boster is quite proud of what he did…

“The self-described Christian evangelists came to UConn not with the good news of the gospels but with a message of hate, bigotry, and ignorance. They attacked my students for their sexual behavior, sexual preferences, religious beliefs and ethnicities and condemned them to Hell,” he wrote. “A mama bear will defend her cubs, a mother goose her goslings, and I will defend my students from strangers who come to call them sodomites, fornicators and sinners condemned to Hell.”

“Darwin’s message that all humans are our brothers and sisters, all mammals our cousins, and all life our kin is much closer to the loving affirmation of life found in the gospels than the hate, bigotry, and ignorance preached by these rude guests to our home,” Boster stated. “It is a moral duty to be outraged by the morally outrageous. I am proud to have done my duty to defend my students from attack.”

But was Darwin’s message really one of brotherhood and sisterhood for all humanity?

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