Private Video Proves Yellowstone’s Geysers Are Becoming Frighteningly Active

Castle Geyser eruption in Yellowstone National Park - Photo by Clement Bardot

Video shot by private individuals at Yellowstone National Park shows that something very unusual is happening.  The geysers around the park are becoming increasingly active, and this is leading many to wonder what is coming next…

If Yellowstone does erupt, it could potentially be absolutely disastrous for most of the continental United States. The following is from an article that I did earlier this year

#1 A full-scale eruption of Yellowstone could be up to 1,000 time more powerful than the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

#2 A full-scale eruption of Yellowstone would spew volcanic ash 25 miles up into the air.

#3 The next eruption of Yellowstone seems to be getting closer with each passing year.  Since 2004, some areas of Yellowstone National Park have risen by as much as 10 inches.

#4 There are approximately 3,000 earthquakes in the Yellowstone area every single year.

#5 In the event of a full-scale eruption of Yellowstone, virtually the entire northwest United States will be completely destroyed.

#6 A massive eruption of Yellowstone would mean that just about everything within a 100 mile radius of Yellowstone would be immediately killed.

#7 A full-scale eruption of Yellowstone could also potentially dump a layer of volcanic ash that is at least 10 feet deep up to 1,000 miles away.

#8 A full-scale eruption of Yellowstone would cover virtually the entire midwest United States with volcanic ash.  Food production in America would be almost totally wiped out.

#9 The “volcanic winter” that a massive Yellowstone eruption would cause would radically cool the planet.  Some scientists believe that global temperatures would decline by up to 20 degrees.

#10 America would never be the same again after a massive Yellowstone eruption.  Some scientists believe that a full eruption by Yellowstone would render two-thirds of the United States completely uninhabitable.

#11 Scientists tell us that it is not a matter of “if” Yellowstone will erupt but rather “when” the next inevitable eruption will take place.

In essence, a Yellowstone eruption would be on the same level as a Carrington event.  Either one would fundamentally change life in the United States in a single day.

Personally, I certainly hope that we do not see an eruption at Yellowstone any time soon.  And actually, I am much more concerned about the possibility of an eruption at other volcanoes in the northwest such as Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier.

But if the ground keeps rising rapidly at Yellowstone and earthquakes like the one that struck on Sunday keep on happening, then it would be very foolish for us to ignore the warning signs.

And of course you shouldn’t expect the government to warn you about the potential threat of a Yellowstone eruption until the very last moment.  Generally speaking, the government is much more concerned about “keeping people calm” than it is about telling us the truth.

We seem to have moved into a time of increased seismic activity all over North and South America.  In such an environment, it would not be wise to say that an eruption at Yellowstone “can’t happen”.

The truth is that an eruption at Yellowstone could happen at any moment.  Let us just hope that we are all out of the way when it does.

3 thoughts on “Private Video Proves Yellowstone’s Geysers Are Becoming Frighteningly Active”

  1. Let us certainly hope and pray that Yellowstone does not erupt any time soon.

  2. The important thing might be to know why the super volcano of Yellowstone is being activated.
    Something has changed. But what?
    The ancients had a thing about 25,000 year cycles. Did something happen 25,000 years ago that is now happening again?
    Are the animals evacuating Yellowstone? If they are look out.
    The other possibility is we are on the verge of something much bigger. That might be reversal of the polarity of the poles. If that is the case all bets are off all over the planet.
    These at this point are just possibilities.
    The other possibility is that something involving the entire solar system is occuring. That could be anything from long range asteroids to comets coming from the outer asteroid belt beyond Pluto.
    A lot of astronomers see evidence of a very cold planet possibly in a comet like orbit beyond the Cloud. There is a gap out there where something very big came through in the past. No one really knows what caused the hole. Or how big it was.
    Such a planet would not show up on infrared scans. It would be a very low light object. Even if it is big as one of the major gas giants, if it is far enough out there it might not be visible.
    Planet wide disasters could explain why the human race is supposed to be at least 225,000 years old, yet we only have history for a fraction of that. Written records in the east, go back about 4,500 years. The India nation claims documents dating back about 20,000 years. I think the scientific community does not recognize that yet.
    Something smaller than Mercury, and dense enough to have a powerful gravitational field might cause such a disruption. Especially if it is not visible to the naked eye.
    All of this is speculation. But something is causing these things to happen. The question is what is causing it?

  3. I was in the Philippines right after Pinitubo.
    The laha’s (mudslides) were horrendous and buried whole towns under 8-10 feet of mud 40km away.

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