Report: 15 Republican Electors Will Refuse To Vote For Donald Trump On December 19th


In a sensational new development, TV host David Pakman says he was told by a high level source that 15 electors in states Trump won will refuse to vote for Donald Trump.

Pakman went on to say that the electors are also lobbying other members of the electoral college to not vote for Trump.

The goal is to prevent Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes he requires to become president.

If Trump loses 37 electoral votes, it will put him under the 270 benchmark and throw America into a constitutional crisis.

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4 thoughts on “Report: 15 Republican Electors Will Refuse To Vote For Donald Trump On December 19th”

  1. I just can’t see them doing this. It won’t change the outcome but will make them and their families instant targets and ruin their lives. it will also further de-legitimize our election process.

  2. Mr. Trump has all ready done the impossible by winning the election.
    Mr. Trump is choosing a cabinet full of billionaires.
    Going against this cabinet of billionaires might be a very bad thing to do.
    How much investigation can be bought by this group of billionaires is any one’s guess.
    There appears to be a whole lot of dirt under this particular rug.
    Most of which is being hid by the Democrat side of things.
    Money talks.
    I suggest at this point in time that the Democrat Party is dead in the water.
    The only legitimate thing they can do at this point in time is concede the election and move on.
    I am sure that given time and opposition to what Donald Trump will do after he has been elected will give these same Democrats a new lease on political life.
    That is what it is really all about.
    IF they do crooked things to intimidate the electors it may just be the last thing they ever do. Simply because it is public right now. The ground swell rejection of any kind of interference will permanently destroy the Democrat Party for at least a generation.
    The new opposition to Donald Trump’s administration might have to be in the form of a new political party other than the Democrat one.
    The crooked ones will end up in jail for a very long time if I am right.

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