Why did this reporter “disappear” after predicting the collapse of oil prices?

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He managed to forecast the current collapse in oil prices, and then he went missing. It’s been a year now.

His name is David Bird, and he is a reporter who covered energy markets for The Wall Street Journal. First, some background.

According to the blog Wall Street on Parade, Bird told his wife on a wintry afternoon about a year ago that he was headed out the door for a walk. He left his Long Hill, New Jersey, home in a red jacket with yellow zippers. Despite this colorful outerwear, and despite the searching by hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officers, as well as the FBI, Bird disappeared without a trace.

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  1. Under the current laws concerning security, the government can take any one without due process.
    Over 300 congress people voted FOR that law. That means both parties voted for it. Some did not even read it.
    Welcome to the United States of Amerika.
    When it counts both parties vote the same way.
    Might remember that when you vote. But keeping track of how your congress votes does not seem to be a very high priority on the slaves of the Media. Only here on the internet are we likely to hear anything. And that is going away soon.

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