Russian Government Considers Offering Snowden As A “Gift” To President Trump

But now, as NBC News reports, according to a senior U.S. official who has analyzed a series of highly sensitive intelligence reports detailing Russian deliberations, a Snowden handover is one of various ploys to “curry favor” with Trump. A second source in the intelligence community confirms the intelligence about the Russian conversations and notes it has been gathered since the inauguration.

Snowden’s ACLU lawyer, Ben Wizner, told NBC News they are unaware of any plans that would send him back to the United States.

“Team Snowden has received no such signals and has no new reason for concern,” Wizner said.

Furthermore, Snowden’s Russian lawyer told the state-run news agency last month that his client would like to return to the United States – with no criminal charges hanging over his head.

“We hope very much that the new U.S. president would show some weighted approach to the issue and make the one and only correct decision – to stop prosecution against Edward Snowden,” Kucherena said.

Former deputy national security adviser Juan Zarate urged the Trump administration to be cautious in accepting any Snowden offer from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Again, seemingly based on pure speculation, Zarate tells NBC there is no way to predict if Putin will deliver Snowden — or when.

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1 thought on “Russian Government Considers Offering Snowden As A “Gift” To President Trump”

  1. “Tell the truth and shame the devil.” is a new novel. It is about people and buried secrets that keep an innocent person in jail in a case of intimidation and a woman the prosecution is sure is guilty. They get a “confession” while a woman is in labor having a child. The on-going is any woman subject to the kinds of pressure this woman went through having a baby while investigators illegally pressed her to confess using the baby as leverage. They then used the British secret act to cover almost everything up. This was fiction. Snowden is fact.
    It is appropriate here simply because our system of classifying things secret is shameful.
    What the US Government of both parties is doing is putting their dirt under the rug and using our “Secret” classification to do so.
    Along comes a person that sees these secrets and is by “law” restricted from revealing anything to the general public.
    No woman is pregnant here. But the facts stir a lot of controversy because our government is openly disobeying half a dozen laws including international laws. It is simply not done in these circles even though I suspect it is done all the time by our opposing people in other governments.
    So this “person” exposes the truth and embarasses the lot of them.
    Snowden covers a whole lot of embarassing facts and then hides behind an opposing government in Russia.
    That position he is in is humorous in a way, simply because Russia is far more guilty than we are of “secrets”.
    I think the whole structure of “classified secrets” needs a check and balance system independent of the government. But then a whole lot of “secrets” may come to light and that would embarrass a whole lot of people in VIP positions.
    He broke this law and now he is in exile.
    He has been convicted of nothing. Yet if he returned, could he return without being in danger of his very life?
    And there lies the problem for Donald Trump. For some he is a hero for sacrificing himself to expose what should never have been classified at all. It was in fact criminal behavior of our intelligence community. The shame here is that it was covered up with classification at all.
    I know this is a complicated legal situation. I know government covers things up all the time.
    Maybe, just maybe, our government needs to stop being crooked and stop covering it all up with a classification system.
    Maybe it is the time to be upfront and honest with our own people.
    This crowd of government people will never go for that and that is the reason they should be fired.
    Will that ever happen? Probably not in my lifespan. But then I never had to worry about covering up. I have always attempted to be totally honest in my dealings.
    Snowden needs to come back. But as a free citizen. I suggest he be put through the “witless protection”.
    Trump probably considers revealing this secret stuff as a betrayal.
    Yet his best move would be to pardon him and let him go.
    Whether or not our intelligence community would murder him in his sleep or otherwise is entirely too likely.

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