Saudi Arabia Warns Israel: Don’t ‘Judaize’ Jerusalem

East Jerusalem

Saudi Arabia’s governing body denounced Israeli settlements in Jerusalem Monday as a violation of Palestinian human rights. The ministerial council also called for strategies to stop Israeli attempts to partition al-Aqsa Mosque and the detention of Palestinian citizens in the Holy City.

“Israel has moved some offices to occupied Jerusalem and has been arresting Palestinians in groups. Such developments and violations of Palestinian human rights prove its flagrant attempts to Judaize the holy city through accelerating the pace of settlements,” said a statement from the Saudi Council of Ministers, which is led by Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz. The statement was reported in Middle Eastern newspapers Tuesday. A response from Israel was not immediately made public.

The Saudi information and culture minister, Adel Al-Tarifi, said Israeli policies in Jerusalem “amount to human rights violations,” reported the Middle East Monitor. He also added: “They are flagrant attempts carried out by the occupation authorities aiming at Judaising the City of Jerusalem throughout accelerating settlement and moving government offices to the city based on Plan 2020.”

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