Sean Harper Had A Dream About Halloween That Will Definitely Send A Chill Up Your Spine

I have shared some of Sean Harper’s dreams before, and he just sent me one that he had that appears to be set during the time of Halloween. It does not appear likely that it relates to Halloween this year, because conditions have not yet deteriorated to the point that they had in Sean’s dream.

But in addition to taking this as a warning about events that are to come, hopefully many will also take this as a warning about celebrating a holiday that involves participating directly in ancient pagan religious practices. Dressing up in spooky costumes, going “trick or treating” and bobbing for apples may seem very innocent to you, but those practices had deep spiritual significance for the ancient druids.

I could go on all day, but let me get to Sean’s dream. Here it is…


In the dream, I found myself in my hometown’s Border Patrol facility parking lot. There was a dark ominous sunset with a blood red tint as I was overlooking the town. For some reason my car was stuck at the Border Patrol station. I couldn’t turn anything on that carried an electric current. No phone, no flashlight, no communication. In my center console, I had a bundle of cash. I was dead focused on getting basic items to survive. I normally have a gun of some type on me but in the dream, my gun was nowhere to be seen. I started making my way to our local mall that has a outdoor outfitters store.

Upon walking to the mall, I noticed people walking around. They had costumes for Halloween. I saw numerous “Christians” celebrating this event. I kept warning the Christians to stop! That they needed to get to safety, but no one would listen. They kept mocking me.

Frustrated, I continued on towards the mall. When I entered the mall, the security gates were all dropped down, allowing no access. There is a side door that allows access into our mall that I entered when I saw the main entrances blocked off.

The mall was completely empty with a store I had never seen. The store was called “American Guns.” The sign above the store had an American Flag background, with bullet holes scattered throughout. The flag looked tarnished. On the sides of the flag, were fake flames shooting out. However, the sign looked real, as if the flag was shot and burning.

I entered the store. The clerk in the store became shifty and nervous when I approached him. I asked if I could buy an AR-15 that the clerk had behind him. He became very angry at me. He kept saying the guns were confiscated and that no one could buy them anymore. I asked if there were any guns that were not registered to him or the store. He took my to a back room and said, “These are all the items I have left from my personal collection. Ask what you would like, and I’ll barter with you. I picked out a hunting rifle, ammunition, and hiking/survival gear. When i went to ask the man if I could purchase the items, he said yes. However when I pulled out my debit card, he responded with, “Electronics will not work anymore. I take cash only. If you pay in cash, The price of the wares goes up.”

Frustrated, I left the store to retrieve the money from the Border Patrol station. Upon leaving, the sky became pitch black. I saw everyone chanting and singing in their costumes. The festivities were not the same as before. The people were carrying torches, and any weapon they could find. I saw them running towards all the shopping areas. There was nothing but looting and rioting. I watched as people laughed while they stabbed others for their belongings. As I looked, the people had red glowing eyes. They weren’t themselves anymore. Even the strength they had was supernatural. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The only thing that kept me safe was praying constantly in the Holy Spirit. I was loud and kept on repeating Yeshua throughout the prayer. I believe the very demons the people were wearing or entertaining were being fully allowed to possess people.

A satanist that I used to be friends with in the past approached me when I made it to the Border Patrol station. He asked, “Would you like to join the festivities?” I responded with a simple no to where he became angry. He then told me, “My master will hunt you from now on. We’ve been given orders to hunt you. You should leave the city now, I don’t want to hurt you.”

When he said that, I began to pray in the Holy Spirit because I didn’t know what to pray. As I looked in my car, I found the cash in the center console. As I was praying, I ran as fast as I could to obtain the items I had selected from the vendor. However when I made it to the mall, my father was there. He told me, “Son, do not go into the mall! If you go back in, you will not get out! That man wanted to steal everything from you! He was going to kill you! Be wise!”

After my father said this to me, the man who I tried to buy the items from was approaching military type vehicles, handing over all the possessions in his shop to military men and women. The military wasn’t our own military. The soldiers had different uniforms compared to our soldiers. They had a green camouflage, however there were blue patches on their uniforms and blue helmets. I awoke.

End of dream

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