Sean Harper: “I told everyone that the only way to be protected was to repent”

In Joel chapter 2, we are told that “your young men shall see visions” in the last days, and so if these are really the last days that is precisely what we would expect to see happening.  And as we have seen all over the world, this is definitely happening on a very large scale.

Today, I would like to share a dream from a young man named Sean Harper with you.  This is just the first of a series of his dreams that I will be sharing…

In the dream, I started out at my grandparent’s farm. They have been with the Lord for over ten years; therefore, I knew our family no longer owned the farm. I went from room to room utterly confused because nothing looked the same. I saw my uncle who had worked on the ranch for many years prior. I asked him why the farm had changed so much and he said, “It is because the new owners have changed the foundation.”

I was shocked by his response because I vaguely understood what was truly meant by his words. My shoulder began to ache so I went to my medicine bag to take something for the pain. My sister’s nurse friend walked into the saying, “Sean, do not take the medicine! It is poison! Nothing is safe to take anymore.”

I continued trying to take the medicine, but kept spitting it out because of the bitter taste. I decided to leave the room because I was annoyed. I walked through the door and was automatically in my mom’s car at a grand banquet hall parking lot.

I had to put my arm sling back on to maintain the shoulder pain. As I was putting on the sling, I saw two girls that I attended school with for many years with their college basketball teammates. They smiled and pointed towards the banquet hall doors.

I followed my mom into the elaborate banquet hall having no idea where I was. In this hall were two buffet lines with gourmet food. I went to the buffet line at the back end of the hall. To my dismay, all the plates were gone. I felt so angry because I was the only one in that line who did not receive any food. There was a rule that only those with plates could obtain food.

In a state of irritability, I hurried over to the second buffet line towards the front of the hall. The situation remained the same. I could not receive any food because there were no more plates. This time, more people were around who could not acquire any food either. All of us threw a temper tantrum and sat down at the same table. My mom was as angry as I was.

As I looked around at everyone who were eating, their mouths began to foam and many began falling out of their seats unconscious. A great panic swept over everyone in the room. From what I could see, the people who had already ate their food were dead. Besides those with no food to eat, there were only a few survivors. Two of them were the girls I went to school with.

As panic spread, we all turned our heads upon hearing the sounds of explosions off in the distance. I could not see the location of these bombs. Albeit, I kept on repeating that the bombs were a bioterror or chemical attack and that we needed to get to a safer area.

I told the survivors to follow me because God would guide us and I had the answers as to what was going on. We ended up in a small room with 12 people including my mother and me. I told everyone that the only way to be protected was to repent and give their full faith and devotion to Him.

Five people repented and five did not. The girls I saw earlier both repented. Those who did not repent started mocking God by saying the usual mockery that we hear today. They were blaming Him for the attack. As the mockers went towards the windows, I saw red dots appear on their heads. We watched as they were all shot dead in that moment. I woke up directly after.