Sean Harper Just Had A Very Disturbing Dream About The Hordes Of Hell

Sean Harper just sent me a dream that he had on November 19th, and it definitely got my attention. The more I read the second half of the Book of Revelation, the more I become convinced that the second half of the Tribulation period is going to literally be a time of “hell on Earth”. So when Sean shared the following dream with me, it resonated with some of the things that I have been pondering lately…

I found myself in the pits of hell. I could hear screaming and tormenting in ways I have never heard before. I was extremely frightened during the dream because I knew where I was, but my spirit was not afraid if that makes sense? As I was cowering in fear, There was a boldness in me that came only from the Holy Spirit. Everything in my flesh wanted to cower and hide, but the Holy Spirit was guiding me on a mission to see and observe only what the Lord was revealing. I heard, “Get Up! Listen and observe!”

When i got up, there was a peephole in a crevice I found myself in. When i went to look through the hole in the wall, I saw a demonic army. A horde of grotesque beings, I can’t fully describe them as there is nothing to compare them with. Each demon was wearing this black ancient armor. In unison, I heard them chanting/singing with the same demonic song I heard in the prior dreams.

As they were chanting I heard, “Let us out! Let us out! For our vessels are prepared! Let us out!”

I looked and saw a giant gate holding back this demonic force. In my spirit I knew this gate of hell was going to be opened. You know the anticipation you feel when you fully know and understand the situation you face? I knew they were eagerly waiting for the gate to be opened.

The chanting and screams grew to be too much to bare. I shouted, “Jesus make it stop please make it stop! I want to leave! I want to leave!”

I immediately awoke.

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