Sean Harper Was Warned In A Dream That “Crops Will Fail, Plague Will Inflict Your Cattle”

Farmers in the middle of the country are having one of the most difficult years that they have ever had, and yet most Americans assume that everything will be just fine once harvest time rolls around.

That may or may not be true this year, and many have been warned that in some future year we are going to see horrific crop failures.  Along those lines, here is another one of the dreams that was sent to me by Sean Harper…

I found myself waiting tables at the restaurant I used to wait tables at. I could hear my deceased grandpa laughing in the corner booth. To my disbelief, I approached him thinking, “Why are you here? You died long ago?”

I went to go sit with him. He looked at me with such a gracious smile, I began to cry. He said to take heart and listen to this message.

He spoke, “Sean, now is the time to water the seed you have sown. Go through the fields and inspect the crop. For the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. A great harvest is coming but many will not be able to reap the harvest. Prepare your fields! Prepare your fields!

I asked him if he was sent to deliver me the message. He simply smiled and nodded. I couldn’t stop crying because my grandpa was so important to my childhood. He was a farmer but more than that, he had the most gracious understanding heart. He helped feed starving people during the depression. He always was a prepper because farm life could lead to the unexpected and I was always taught the government isn’t your friend.

He began to go on speaking, changing his tone to one of seriousness. He spoke, “The farmers will bring in the harvest but they will not eat of it. The harvest will be given over to your enemies. Your crops will fail, plague will inflict your cattle. When you see great storms come, know the Lord’s harvest is near!

I awoke directly after.

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