Six Dollar Eggs Could Be On The Way: Egg Shortage Caused By Bird Flu Plague Intensifies

Eggs - Public Domain

$6 eggs coming soon? Bird flu has caused not only an egg shortage, but a steep price increase in many regions across the United States. The H5N2, H5N1, H5N9, and H5N8 avian flu outbreak is the worst incident of such a virus in decades, according to many agriculture experts.

Even though the average price of eggs is around $2 to $4.49 per dozen now, BB&T Capital Markets analyst Brett Hundley said prices could soon climb even higher — prompting $6 eggs per dozen by fall.

“It’s almost scary to think about what could happen to egg prices,” Hundley added. “We think that turkeys and egg layers are most at risk. We think broilers are at risk but considerably less so.”

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