Snow sets historic records in Boston

Snow - Public Domain

The “snowmaggedon” of the past two weeks will almost certainly move Boston into the top 10 snowiest winters of all time Monday.

“It’s like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going,” said Storm Team 5 meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon.

The seemingly never-ending snowfall will give Boston over 73 inches for the winter, passing the 72.9 inches that fell during the winter of 1903-1904.

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  1. The key to the weather is conductivity. Carbon Dioxide increases in the atmosphere would conduct cold from the arctic as well as heat from the equator. And that is basically why you are looking at such high levels of winter snow in the area.
    The temperature of the Earth below the frostline is typically 52 degrees F. The orbital tilt is 23 degrees. This gives us the difference between winter and summer each year. The temperature of the Earth itself varies but it normally goes up the lower into the ground you get. Which makes the balancing factor here a delicate thing dependent on how much intense sunlight we get. Theoretically at least you could have a room maintained at 72 degrees if you were able to go low enough into the Earth. More than likely you would spring an artician well and drown. Ask any mining company about the hazards of running into water. They could also tell you how far down to go to get a comfortable room temperature from the Earth itself.
    In a year full of sunspots, you may not even get much of a winter at all. When the Sunspots are at their lowest level like the last few years then you are going to get harsher winters.
    The end result of all of this is rapidly changing weather systems.
    Now the CO2 level is not announced anywhere that I know of. But CO2 does conduct both heat and cold temperatures readily.
    Basically cars give off CO1 or carbon monoxide. This has been changing with catalytic converters. But basically if you start a car in a closed two car garage you will have carbon monoxide poisoning with a short period of time and you will die from that poisoning if something is not done.
    When we had fewer cars that did not make a difference. The plants on the planet balanced it out and put the oxygen back in the air. We also exhaust CO2 and breathe in oxygen. The atmosphere itself is 73% Nitrogen or some figure like that. The rest is a combination of gases of which we have enough oxygen to breathe as long as we do not kill off all the organisms that give off oxygen and take in Carbon Dioxide. What they do with the Monoxide I am not sure of. But I think they also break that down as well.
    The problem can be seen on any major highway into or out of a city on any given workday of the week.
    You basically have cars bumper to bumber traveling at about 40 miles per hour. They are all giving off carbon monoxide. What happens to that Monoxide is that technically it is disbursted into the atmosphere as a whole. Unless you get closer to the 2-car garage example in which case it will choke all of us eventually. And each year we have more and more carbon monoxide cars than we did the year before.
    The real answer here is not anything concerning wood burning stoves. The real answer is we need a more balanced system of converting oxygen back into the atmosphere from Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide. The later gas is converted back by all kinds of plants.
    The major conversion occurs in the oceans with a whole crew of plant creatures doing it.
    South American Jungles do their part as well.
    I am guessing here. I suggest we need at least five trees per car made, thriving on the soil and converting the atmosphere back to oxygen.
    I think a major planting of trees and carrots might do a lot to reverse things.
    Then you are going to see the weather get a whole lot colder over the next century.
    The other conversion has to be changing the exhaust from a car from carbon based exhaust back to an oxygen based exhaust.
    Unless someone is able to get engineers to design car engines to do this, eventually we will be back to the 2 car garage and cars choking us to death eventually. The increase in the use of gasoline engines everywhere is bringing us closer to the 2 car ratio in the atmosphere. Fortunately we do have huge areas of ocean where that is not so. 6/7ths of the planet is covered in them.
    Unfortunately the cars cover most of the land masses of the planet. So unless all of that pollution goes out to sea then it will leave large masses of land over unbreathable atmosphere. Eventually it will clear out and restabilize. But when?
    That the agencies in charge of air pollution are panic stricken enough to do away with wood stoves? That tells me it is a lot closer to reality than we would like to think. Time tells a lot of secrets. I think they really need to come clean with us on what is happening and why they are so desperate to make radical changes in the way we do things.

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