Sony’s surrender will strengthen hackers, experts say

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Sony’s shock decision to scrap the Dec. 25 release of its controversial movie “The Interview” will strengthen hackers, experts warn, fueling debilitating cyberattacks on other high-profile firms.

Still reeling from a crippling Nov. 24 hack, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Wednesday that it had canceled “The Interview’s” Christmas Day release after a number of movie chains said that they would not show the film. “The Interview,” which pokes fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is believed to have prompted last month’s devastating attack on the studio and subsequent threats to movie theaters.

The FBI has connected Pyongyang to the cyberattack, a federal law enforcement source told Fox News Wednesday.

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1 thought on “Sony’s surrender will strengthen hackers, experts say”

  1. I think that censoring the movie should be a wake-up call.
    If the government in North Korea is capable of taking out a major corporation such as Sony, then it is time to shift software so that cannot happen again.
    The fact is the movie makes fun of a dictator. That dictator visualizes himself to be the next best thing to a god. The ego of such a person will not allow anyone the liberty of making fun of him. Sony should be ashamed of the fact that this man had his feelings hurt. Because like in a lot of comedy, we are actually roasting him for what to us is a ridiculous view of himself and North Korea.
    The view is of a country that goes to extremes to promote this man as a godly head of the nation. Under those rules, he can do no wrong.
    Yet anyone from North Korea will likely tell you that he rules by fear rather than respect.
    He is not respected by his so called allies in China. He is not respected in South Korea. He is not respected anywhere that there is an ounce of common sense. Why? Because unlike China this country has been in a near starvation mode economy since the Korean War in the 50s. He is holding onto ideas that do not work. Until the people of North Korea wake up and figure this out, nothing further needs to be said. Those committed to this man will continue to be committed to his regime.
    Things are getting a little bit shaky over there and he is in real danger of being deposed by someone else. That is why the strict showdown in which his Uncle was executed.
    A movie making fun of his regime and himself, that cannot be tolerated by him. Laughter is a potent weapon. By taking this action, I think others will also act to either make this the best grossing underground movie of the year or Sony might just get away with closing it down before more diplomatic damage is done.
    The true purpose of the movie is to laugh at the actions of a dictator that holds life and death decisions over an entire country. It also makes fun of the CIA. I don’t see them attempting to shut down the movie though. They let it roll off their backs and continue doing what they have always done.
    Not a good move. The damage was all ready done when the first trailer to this movie was released.

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