Stone tools made ‘3.3 million years ago’ found in Kenya

Stone Tools Kenya

Archaeologists on a dig in Kenya made an unexpected discovery – 3.3-million-year-old stone tools that could disprove the theory that the Homo genus was the first to use such tools. The makers of the tools remain a mystery.

The findings have been published in the journal Nature by a group of scientists, including Sonia Harmand and Jason Lewis of Stony Brook University in New York. The paper lists 149 stone artifacts, which were discovered west of Lake Turkana in a remote region in northern Kenya.

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  1. The problem here is we do not know how old mankind is.
    There is a marker on our brand of humanity. Every creature close to the human line has 48 chromosomes and they are normal size.
    Humans have 46 chromosomes. Two of which are double the size of the rest. No one really knows how that double chromosome occurred.
    It has been suggested that if we wanted to alter an existing animal, we would splice two chromosomes together to get the result that we wanted. That two of these chromosomes are doubled is quite a coincidence. Or not. It might be evidence of manipulation of our species.
    If that manipulation happened we are faced with the idea that we are not really alone. That there are other intelligent species besides our own. If a human with 48 chromosomes mixed with one with 46, you might have a mule that is sterile.
    It would depend on whether or not Neanderthal had 48 or 46 chromosomes as to whether a mating would be fertile if that is possible at all.
    You might get a very talented mule. That mule would be sterile. Before anyone knew that, an entire species could die out after one generation. We do know that donkeys and horses produce mules. They have different numbers of chromosomes so even though they are close enough to mate the result is most likely sterile.
    Indians in America are tracked to Asia. They are part of a broad classification called Mongoloids. We are Caucasions and Negroids according to science. Yet there is a distinctive eye pattern in Asian racial types. It is missing here in America.
    Legends of the past indicate we might have had quite a variety of close relatives to humanity at one time long ago.
    Only God knows the answer to that.
    Even in places like Australia and New Zealand there are niches that different creatures fill. Different creatures fill these niches in various places around the globe.
    For instance African Apes and Monkeys have 32 teeth the same as humans.
    In South America, the monkeys have 36 teeth. Minor difference there. Could they reproduce together? I do not know. Depends a lot how closely they are related species wise to one another.
    A scientist last year found samples of a bigfoot creature. The creature turned out to be related to the sloth family, not the ape family.
    The creature is supposedly extinct.
    That particular research went quiet real quick.
    My point is not all secrets are given to humanity. We are discovering new things every day.
    With the incredible number of stars in our own galaxy it would be surprising if there were not other life in the universe other than our own.
    I think the huge distances between stars probably keep them from discovering one another.

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