Supernatural Provision Coming In The Last Days For Those Who Share

In all things, God expects us to do what we can to obey him in the natural, and if we trust in Him then He will often supernaturally intervene where we are lacking.

Right now, so many people are preparing for the very challenging times that are coming, but there is no way that anyone can prepare for everything that might happen.

However, Linda Hasche was given a vision in which she saw that if we are willing to share what we have, the Lord will supernaturally provide for those that are faithful to Him. The following comes from our friends at Z3News

I was given a vision back in the 1990’s. At that time, I was living in a small two bedroom, second floor apartment. I was sitting in a chair next to the door when I saw a vision of somebody coming to my door needing food. I went to my pantry and took out some of what I had, which wasn’t very much. I put it into a plastic grocery bag and gave it to them.

After I closed the door, I went back to the pantry and everything I had given to the people, was there again on the shelves. IT WAS SUPERNATURAL PROVISION!

I understood a time would come when what food we had, no matter how little it was, when we shared it with others in need, it would be multiplied. Our supplies would not run out when we shared.