Suspects Laugh as They Follow 18-Year-Old Into Her Apartment Building — What They Do Next Is Hard to Watch

Robbery - video screenshot

Police are searching for two suspects who followed an 18-year-old woman into her Brooklyn apartment building and violently attacked and robbed her after she entered the elevator. The extremely disturbing assault was captured on surveillance video.

In the video released by police, the two thugs can be seen laughing as they follow the young woman into the building. When she gets into the elevator, one of the men follows her in while the second suspect blocks her from escaping and grabs her by the neck and forcibly drags her into the hallway.

The obviously brave 18-year-old fights back, seemingly punching one of the men in the face as they attacked her. However, she was overpowered by the men, who pinned her to the floor and violently beat her before finally taking off with her purse.

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2 thoughts on “Suspects Laugh as They Follow 18-Year-Old Into Her Apartment Building — What They Do Next Is Hard to Watch”

  1. The camera shows a positive ID on the one person. Get him and you have both of them.
    The only reason they do not have either person has got to be resources available to the Police Department involved and the priority such an attack has.
    I also suspect that one or both know the victim. The victim is obviously afraid to come forward with a name. With the resources available to the police department I am sure that is a wise decision unless she wants to leave town to avoid another confrontation.

    I also notice both people are black. Is this in a decent area of town, well protected by police, or is this in one of the lawless areas of town? Any large city has both kinds of neighborhoods.
    I also noticed a complete lack of security. That means they had easy access to the building for some reason. Someone in the building had to give them that access if there is security in the building. So there is a third person possibly involved. The chance of fingerprints on the elevator are extremely likely. But getting police involved might be the main problem here.

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