Russia Tests A New Hypersonic Missile That Can Easily Shoot Down U.S. ICBMs And That Travels 2½ Miles In One Second

(Daily Mail) Russia has conducted a ‘successful’ military test of its state-of-the-art new interceptor missile intended to neutralise incoming Western attacks.

The Kremlin declined to name the rocket system shown on video blasting off from Sary-Shagan, an anti-ballistic training range in Kazakhstan.

But it is believed to be the deadly PRS-1M hypersonic interceptor missile, crucial to protecting Moscow and other strategic sites in the region from potential incoming NATO or other enemy missiles.

A new Russian ‘doomsday machine’ may be able to trigger 300-foot tsunamis

(Business Insider) Shortly after President Donald Trump’s controversial meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, the Russian government published several videos that appear to show off a host of new nuclear weapons systems.

One particular video stands out: an alleged prototype of a giant torpedo that one expert dubbed a “doomsday machine.”

Putin first publicly described that nuclear-powered device on March 1 during an address to the Russian Federal Assembly. He said the autonomous drone would quietly travel to “great depths,” move faster than a submarine or boat, “have hardly any vulnerabilities for the enemy to exploit,” and “carry massive nuclear ordnance,” according to a Kremlin translation of Putin’s remarks.

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