The Bells Of Boston

Just a few days ago, Michael Rutledge sent me an experience that his daughter Elizabeth Rutledge recently had, and he wanted my opinion about it.  Elizabeth is in her mid-thirties, and so she is not a child.  I read over what she experienced, and it definitely resonated with me, and I think that it will definitely resonate with you as well.

America is running away from God and His ways, and there will be tremendous consequences if we stay on this path.

Unfortunately, there are no signs that America is willing to repent, and time is running out.

Here is what Elizabeth Rutledge experienced exactly as it was sent to me…

Journal Entry 12/12/2020

For the past two or three weeks, I have been having this recurring theme of an earthquake in Washington D.C. keep coming up. It is so strong that it rings the bells in Boston, Massachusetts, and damages monuments in Washington, D.C. It started 2-3 weeks ago, when I was helping mom clean my church’s building. I went into the activities building to get the mop and a bucket of mop water. I saw all of these vanities, sinks, bathtubs, and light fixtures. I remembered that God has sent us things we would need in the future, sometimes months in advance. I asked, “Lord, what is coming next?” It was like something came up from inside me and said in my mind, “Earthquake.” I replied, “Earthquake! Earthquake?! Earthquake?” I then saw in my mind “Washington, D.C.” and “Bells of Boston.” It was like I then understood that an earthquake was coming to Washington, D.C., and it would be bad enough that it would ring the bells in Boston, Massachusetts. I tried to shake it off as I got the mop bucket and mop. I kept feeling this heaviness, deep sadness, and grief. I stopped what I was doing, and sat down on the stage that is at the end of the building. I asked God, “What are you trying to tell me? Are you saying that there is an earthquake coming to Washington, D.C., and it will be bad enough to ring the bells in Boston?” Every time I made the effort to calm myself, silence my mind, close my eyes and listen, I kept mentally hearing “Earthquake…Washington DC … Bells of Boston.” I asked, “Do you want me to pray for an earthquake to hit Washington D.C., and it be so strong that it rings the bells in Boston?” I kept hearing the same thing over and over again. So I then prayed, “Lord, if this is what you want, then please send an earthquake to Washington D.C. that is so strong that it rings the bells in Boston.” I then went and fixed my mop water, and went into the other building. I got curious, stopped and asked mom if there had ever been an earthquake bad enough to ring the bells in Boston. She said, “Yes. It was the New Madrid earthquake.” I went back to my mopping, and the heaviness and grief got worse. I started praying and interceding for Washington D.C. and the people that were there. The main point of what I remember praying was something like this: “God, I know that judgment can no longer be delayed. We’ve become too stubborn and wicked. Please let a few find Jesus in the midst of judgment. Please, while judgment is falling, let a few find everlasting life. I know it’s narrow, and the gate is small. But please! For Jesus’ sake, let at least a few find Him, even as judgment falls all around them? Jesus is worthy of their repentance! He paid the price for them!” I started weeping, sobbing, and wailing. I remember staggering around like I was drunk at one point.

Yesterday, on 12/11/2020, I went into the activities building with mom to see what needed to be cleaned. I saw the light fixtures again; and once again I heard the word “earthquake.” I yelled, “Why do I keep thinking about earthquakes every time I see these things?” I asked God if he was trying to tell me something. So last night, I asked God to give me a dream about this, if it was Him. I asked Him to repeat the dream for 2 or 3 nights. Instead, something else happened. When I went to bed, I kept mentally hearing a voice that sounded like Johnny Cash’s voice, singing a ballad about an earthquake in Washington D.C. and the bells of Boston ringing. When I woke up this morning, it picked up again. It is like I’m hearing it in my mind, and composing it at the same time. I also see a mental picture of the Washington monument, and the top is breaking off and it is in the process of falling down. I also thought I got the sense that other monuments in Washington D.C. were damaged as well. The ballad I heard also spoke of damage to the Washington monument, and the other ones as well.

Bells of Boston (or Jehovah Goes to Washington)

See, the nation dark,

See, how they murder the innocent unborn,

Now blood flows in the streets.

Soon Washington will quake,

And the bells of Boston will ring.

See, how they pervert justice,

They strengthen the hands of the wicked,

They crucify righteousness,

They’ve driven God out of the land.

Soon the bells of Boston will ring,

As God strikes the land.

See, how they sell the helpless,

They grow rich from robbing others,

They withhold the wages of the workers,

Now their corroded riches will eat their bones,

As the bells of Boston rings.

I can hear the bells of Boston ring,

As Washington D.C. shakes.

God is stepping down,

Judgment will soon fall.

See, how they laugh and smirk.

They’ve trampled righteousness in the mud,

And lynched justice in the street,

Soon the bells of Boston will ring,

As Washington D.C. shakes.

I can hear the bells of Boston ring,

They call out dire warning:



See, how they wine and dine.

They feast and frolic like they don’t have a care in the world!

They say, “We’ve defied God Himself and survived!

He’s dead and gone now!

He’ll never be able to stop our plans!”

Oh, can’t you hear the bells in Boston ring?

Can’t you feel the quake coming to Washington, D.C.?

They’ll soon meet their God!

They’ll see how wrong they were!

God looks down from His throne.

He says, “What outcry is this I hear?

What sight is this I see? I’ll step down to Washington D.C.

I’ll step down to the U.S. of A.

See, Him now drop the plumbline,

See Him now drop the plummet.

America no longer lines up to justice,

And she fails to measure up to righteousness the plummet.

See, the grief of the Almighty’s face.

“What’s happened to the city on the hill?

The nation that was to shine My light has become darkness!”

“She murders the innocent and frees the guilty.

She plays the harlot with the gods.

It’s time to take My blessings back,

And humble her arrogant pride.”

I can hear the bells of Boston ring,

As a quake shakes Washington, D.C.

Prepare to meet your God!

You’re out of time!

See, all of her lofty monuments.

Her sin and pride reach heaven.

She shakes her fist and defies God.

And soon the bells of Boston will ring,

As God shakes Washington, D.C.

See, how she pursues false gods.

Self, pleasure, prosperity;

She sacrifices her babies to Molech.

She says, “They cramp my style.

They burden me as I pursue prosperity.”

She, as she pursues Baal,

She lusts after his “prosperity.”

She is greedy for all his money.

But what will all that wealth buy,

In the day of wrath?

See, how she pursues Ashtoreth

And all of her physical pleasure.

But what will that pleasure be worth

When they are all dead?

I can hear the bells of Boston ring

As Washington, D.C. quakes.

Soon in their boots they’ll shake

As the decree falls.

Hear God, as He says,

“I’ve shown you mercy unparalleled

I’ve blessed you with blessing, power, and wealth.

But all you’ve done is grown proud and defiant.

Now it’s time you paid the price.

See, today I set before you life and death.

I begged you, ‘Please turn and repent!

Seek Me and live!

My mercy is deeper than the sea,

My forgiveness is complete.

I would have received your repentance

Joyfully with open arms of forgiveness.

I would have removed your sins,

As far as the east is from the west.

All of your sin, your bloodshed,

Idolatry, harlotry, and iniquity

Would have been forever drowned the sea of My forgetfulness.’

But you would have none of it!

You defiantly chose your own path

And warred against Me!

By your vote you made your choice.

You chose death,

So that’s what you’ll receive.”

I can hear the bells of Boston ring,

As Washington, D.C. quakes,

This is just a taste of what’s to come.

Wait till you drain the cup of fury.

God step down to Washington, D.C.

The towers of pride and defiance greet His eyes.

So many monuments of pride,

So many idols of men,

So many false gods of men.

God shakes Washington, D.C.

As the bells of Boston ring.

The monuments of pride break and fall,

The proud confidence of man fades.

These proud, these defiant men,

They thought they’d ascended and become gods.

They thought they could control nature and destiny.

Oh, how surprised and terrified they look now,

As firm earth beneath their feet shakes and quakes.

As Washington, D.C. quakes

The bells of Boston ring:

“Prepare to your God!

Wrath has come,

And you’ve been caught with your pants down!”

The bells of Boston ring,

As the people in Washington, D.C. scream:

“Oh my god! This can’t be happening!

What is going on?”

See, all the proud monuments of man.

How they crack, how they crumble.

The pride of man

Is no match for the power of God.

See, the Washington Monument,

See, God break off its proud crowning point,

See all the damage to the top.

How will they ever repair it?

I can hear the bells of Boston ring,

As Washington, D.C. shakes.

So much for their pride.

It falls before the wrath of God.

As the shaking ends,

See the damage,

See the casualties.

If only they’d listened to God!

If only they’d repented while there was still time!

See, I call heaven and earth as witness against you! See, today I set before you blessing or cursing, life or death. Chose life, that you may live!


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  1. New Madrid Faultline rupture is pending. Any moment. Indeed the bells wil ring in Boston like previous time. This time much worse. Missisippi will widen up 50 miles. Also rupture mid Atlantic rift also widening up. Tsunamis for w Europe and e coast. And more, earth wobble getting violent. Nibiru.

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