The Epic Interview That You Don’t Want To Miss: Alex Jones Talks To Donald Trump

Alex Jones And Donald Trump

Alex Jones and Donald Trump?  The incredible interview that caused “Alex Jones” to trend on Twitter earlier today is going viral all over the Internet.  The liberal media is having a field day accusing Trump of being interviewed by a “conspiracy theorist”, and many establishment Republicans are concerned that this interview may help Trump tap into the vast radio audience that follows Alex Jones.  During the interview, Trump stated that he would be “speaking a lot” to Jones in the future, and he addressed a whole host of issues including “man-made climate change”, ISIS and our “pathetic, weak borders”.

But most of all, Trump seemed quite eager to attack Hillary Clinton.  Just check out the following remarks from the interview

“She’s so corrupt, she’s so corrupt and she shouldn’t be allowed to run and frankly her greatest legacy – she was a horrible Secretary of State – …will be getting out of the email scandal,” he said. “That’s what I think – it’ll be one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever seen of getting out of a scandal because General Petraeus and many others have been destroyed for doing five percent of what she did.”

And Trump continued to express his unshakable belief that this country can be moved in a positive direction.  Here is more from what he told Alex

“Our country can be absolutely turned around,” Trump continued. “I would agree with you [Alex Jones], if we don’t get it right this time [the presidential election], I’m not sure if [we can] go another four or eight years with the insanity and the stupidity of these leaders.”

As the interview wrapped up, Trump complimented Alex Jones and said that “I think we’ll be speaking a lot”…

“I just want to finish by saying that your reputation’s amazing – I will not let you down – you will be very very impressed I hope and I think we’ll be speaking a lot but you’ll be looking at me in a year or two years, just give me a little bit of time to run things.”

You can watch the full, unedited version of the interview yourself below…


3 thoughts on “The Epic Interview That You Don’t Want To Miss: Alex Jones Talks To Donald Trump”

  1. Now Trump is praising a 09/11 Truther who only has on his program the most vile Israel hating Anti Semites? Just another sign of Trumps’ recklessness.

  2. I think the interview was very pro Trump. What I found most interesting is the history.
    He actually predicted Bin Laden two years prior to the mess in New York?
    He is certainly stirring up the rat’s nest of D.C.
    As to Obama, even his supporters are backing away. He is likely to be impeached regardless of what Trump says. He is right that it is too late and Obama has little time left as President anyway.
    But is it in our best interests to allow him to continue with his immigration policies to the jeopardy of all of us being in danger from these immigrants?
    It is sort of a “Beat your wife” type of question and there is no real good answer except to impeach the man before more damage is done. Let us hope I am wrong.
    But if you impeach Obama, you might consider an accomplice after the fact in the rest of his people.
    For instance, how much of an accomplice is Joe Biden in all of this. Because we will have a Vice President stepping into the office and if he is as much apart of the immigration thing then he also has to go at the same time. Meaning you will have a Republican in the presidency for the last 6 months of the term.
    I predict that the Democrat Party will use the media as a weapon sending lots of false information to attempt to keep this man from getting elected.
    I predict the intelligence services might be involved in a conspiracy to kill Donald Trump using a brain washed subject to do so.
    That is how desperate I think the people in charge actually are.
    Time will tell. If he survives all of this, Donald Trump will certainly be a different President than we have ever had in the past. I wish him luck in becoming our next President. I plan to vote for him.

  3. You will notice that the Donald avoided answering the most vital question, will he drop out just in time to ensure a Clinton victory. He sure didn’t say “No” and look what happened when her husband got elected.

    We have no more choice now than ever. God is sending them to judge the American electorate for its stupidity. Welcome to the new world order! Same as the old world order, just less pretending that it isn’t evil.

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