The Ferguson grand jury has made a decision

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A St. Louis County grand jury has completed deliberations in the case of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, whose fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen in August touched off weeks of sometimes violent protests, multiple media outlets reported Monday.

CNN and The Washington Post reported that prosecutor Robert McCulloch will announce later Monday whether Wilson, 28, will face charges in the death of Michael Brown, 18, on a Ferguson street Aug. 9.

Police have said Brown struggled with Wilson inside his police car, then reached for Wilson’s weapon. Brown’s family and some witnesses say Wilson killed Brown as he raised his hands in surrender.

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1 thought on “The Ferguson grand jury has made a decision”

  1. I think Police everywhere are reaping what they have sowed.
    IF police plant evidence in some cases then they cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
    Not saying that happened here.
    It did happen in the Simpson Trial and that policeman was caught at it.
    So now you have a whole lot of people that do not trust the Justice System to tell the truth.
    The other poor choice of justice is if we cannot hang him in a court of criminal justice, then why not hang him in a court of civil injustice.
    That too happened to Simpson.
    Let us just hang him and be done with it. That seems to be the mob rule at the moment. Even if a grand jury said he was innocent of any wrong doing.
    Now the police officer in this trial has my sympathy. The reason is that there is no way he can ever be a police officer again. His career as a police officer in Ferguson is effectively over with. The best that anyone can do would be to change his identity and put him somewhere where no one will know what happened. Witless protection is what I call it. Because that might happen several times before he is safe.
    I have read some of the evidence. It would have been so simple to provide our police with the weapons that would not include killing anyone for any reason. But those weapons were not available to the general population of police officers.Taser weapons are not nice but they do save lives in some cases. Tranquillizer guns are often used on wild animals, but not in a police force. K-9s are 10 times faster than any human on the planet. They cost a lot of money to train and they have a limited 10 year lifespan. But they do save lives over a 38 police special. OR any other weapon that kills. It costs a lot of money to train one K9.
    The baton is a standard weapon of every policeman on the street, meaning in a police car. Yet it was too close quarters to use effectively in this case. Nor would have tear gas weapons have worked in this case.
    The real guilty party here is the financial actions of Ferguson that did not allow any alternatives to a gun in their relationship with a public that is often angry and at times berserker. Any policeman will tell you there is no alternative when dealing with a berserker. Especially if that berserker is high on something. That was not the case here but it could have been.
    Jury duty is one thing that can be very difficult at times and these people that stood on that Grand Jury knew they had to make a very difficult decision. We, as a people, either do away with Grand Juries or we have to accept whatever judgment that the jury renders.
    I would not want to be on a Jury that had to make the decisions this one made.
    When you judge this case, put yourself in the position of this policeman and tell me what you would have done different. Bear in mind that you have seconds to figure it out. Not two weeks or more to second guess anyone.
    I suggest they find a remote place in Canada and put him to work as a retail clerk. Or train him in some other field where he can make money to support his family.

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