The Irony Of Defeat: Democrats Begged For Trump To Run And Promised That He Could Never Possibly Win


Dumb stuff that you say on television can come back to haunt you.  Many liberals in the mainstream media were absolutely thrilled when Donald Trump decided to run for president, and they assured their followers over and over that he could never possibly win.  But then this happened…



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  1. I read an article that described how the Democratic party unwittingly helped elect Trump through their own Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. According to the story, the party was calling Democrats on the phone the day of the election urging them to vote. Many of the voters they called, actually went and voted for Trump. The Democratic party simply “assumed” that the former Obama voters were going to vote for Clinton, but they flipped and voted for Trump.

    I wish I had bookmarked that story because it was really funny.