The Rubio campaign prepares for a contested convention

Marco Rubio - Photo by Michael Vadon

Marco Rubio’s campaign is preparing for a contested Republican Convention as one option to take the GOP nomination away from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, his campaign manager told top donors at a closed-door meeting in Manhattan Wednesday night.

As Rubio scrambles for support ahead of Super Tuesday, Terry Sullivan, Rubio’s top adviser, used a Power Point presentation and took questions from attendees to lay out the two courses that Rubio’s quest for the GOP nomination could take in the coming months, two people present told CNN, speaking anonymously to share details from a private meeting.

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1 thought on “The Rubio campaign prepares for a contested convention”

  1. I agree that the debate was a disgrace. Most candidates on the stage do not seem to have a clear understanding of the definition of a a debate.

    It is a platform to discuss controversial issues without descending to insult, emotional appeals or personal bias.The only two that held to that standard was Dr. Ben Carson,
    and Governor John Kasich.

    The American people deserve to view a debate that embodies the ideals of reasoned argument and morality…….

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