There are fears that the Obamacare repeal ‘could be a disaster’ for states fighting the opioid epidemic

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And 1.29 million people are receiving treatment for substance use disorders or mental illnesses thanks to the Medicaid expansion, according to research conducted by Harvard Medical School Health Economics professor Richard Frank and New York University dean Sherry Glied. About 220,000 of those people are receiving treatment for opioid abuse.


Without the Medicaid expansion, the vast majority of those people would either fall into the “treatment gap” — unable to receive substance-use treatment because of a lack of insurance or public funds — or be forced to wait months or years to get into a publicly funded treatment program.

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  • MotivatedinOhio

    Not only this, but cancer patients, could find no way to have treatment. Insurance companies used to drop people when they got sick. (I had a little bit of stock in one, and had to sell it because they were doing this, which is against my beliefs.) I personally would like the Congress to find a good replacement or fix parts of the current ACA law, before they get rid of many people’s only option. We do not want people to be robbing banks for $1 in order to get health care. While we want companies to make a profit, we don’t want them to charge a fortune for epipen, a generic medication, with a delivery system developed with our money at NASA.