There Is No Free Press in the U.S.

Freedom Of The Press

We used to have journalists who would cover important stories. There was no question about it-that was their job and we had freedom of speech. But somewhere during the last few decades that all changed.

Most journalists fail to even report important stories, like Benghazi and the IRS. Some even distort the truth by editing the speech to fit their narrative.

You can listen to Fox News and then tune in to CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC or MSNBC, you name it, and you do not hear the same stories. The latter networks do not even report many stories. Of those they do report, the facts are distorted or omitted.

Two huge stories that come to mind are the Benghazi killings and the IRS targeting of conservatives.

Furthermore, have you noticed how entire networks, except for Fox News, are all actively promoting the President’s agenda and constantly praising him?

I used to watched Keith Oberman on MSBNC, just to see what was being reported (which was nothing). He used to end his show with “The Worst Person of the Day” which would denigrate and slime someone every day (always conservative). Classy stuff. I say “used to watch” because his show was dropped, and the entire network suffers poor ratings. But they continue reporting the same way. That is the definition of insanity, but more importantly, tells you that someone is pulling the strings to make them report the way they do, damn the ratings.

Cenk Uygur, former reporter for MSNBC, tells when he worked for that network, he progressively got higher and higher ratings, yet was told that “Washington is concerned about your tone,” and  “We are part of the Establishment, so act like an insider.” Because he didn’t, they denied him his promised 6:00 spot and put Al Sharpton in. Uygur decided to quit rather than go along with the censorship required of him.

What’s going on with the networks is pure propaganda, something you’d expect from a communist country.

Now “MSLSD” has got Al Sharpton hosting a show. I tried to watch that, but after a minute, could feel my blood start to boil. The fact that Al Sharpton is the President’s main go-to man now is outrageous. Sharpton is also  going to advise him on a new pick for Attorney General, so don’t feel too happy about Holder being gone. The new guy will probably be even worse. It’s truly pathetic.

the United States ranked 33rd in the freedom of the press in 2013 and has fallen 13 places to 46th place in the world in 2014
This decline was one of the biggest in the world

Here’s our great statistics for supposedly being the “freest country in the world.”

The U.S. ranks 46th in freedom of the press, according to Reporters Without Borders, who states,

“the US is sandwiched between Romania and Haiti, a decline of thirteen spots from 2013. “

Reporters Without Borders ranked 180 total countries.

Top 10 Countries for Press Freedom

  1. Finland
  2. Netherlands
  3. Norway
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Andorra
  6. Liechtenstein
  7. Denmark
  8. Iceland
  9. New Zealand
  10. Sweden

In America, only six corporations own 95% percent of our media
What we have for mainstream media is better called
“Lamestream Media”


NDAA-gramsgoldAmber Lyon, former CNN award winning journalist quit to maintain her integrity

Dave Hodges of the Commonsense Show says, “Even as in the open our public corruption has become, most will never hear of it because six corporations own over 95% of the media. Most Americans think that they have a free press when nothing could be further from the truth.

One would think that the First Amendment to the Constitution would protect the freedom of the press. There was a recent time when the United States was previously ranked 20th in the freedom of the press.

One of the reasons listed for the decline are the many arrests of journalists covering Occupy Wall Street protests.

Former award-winning CNN journalist, Amber Lyon, quit the network in order to maintain her journalistic integrity.

Amber Lyon, left the network because she was disgusted by the fact that:

The government paid hush money to CNN to not cover stories and also paid money to the compromised network to make up stories.

I can remember when in the 1990’s many were unhappy that the number of corporations which owned the lion’s share of the media had shrunk from 150 to 50 due to deregulation under President Bill Clinton.

Again, in today’s America, only six corporations own 95% percent of our media. One cannot, with any degree of confidence, believe a word coming out of the mouth of any newscaster or their network.

Can one imagine how far the freedom of the press ratings would have fallen if the murders of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings were taken into account?”

President Barack Obama is no friend of press freedom, says a New York Times reporter who may be sent to jail for refusing to reveal a source.

“A lot of people still think this is some kind of game or signal or spin,” reporter James Risen told his own paper in a profile about his plight published Saturday. “They don’t want to believe that Obama wants to crack down on the press and whistle-blowers. But he does. He’s the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.”


An article in Freepress states, “According to a new report from Reporters Without Borders, there was a profound erosion of press freedom in the United States in 2013… the U.S. faced “one of the most significant declines” in the world last year. ”

Even the United Kingdom, whose sustained campaign to criminalize the Guardian’s reporters and intimidate journalists has made headlines around the world, dropped only three spots, to number 33. The U.S. fell as many spots as Paraguay, where “the pressure on journalists to censor themselves keeps on mounting.”

Citing the Justice Department’s aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers, including its secret seizure of Associated Press phone records, the authors write that “freedom of information is too often sacrificed to an overly broad and abusive interpretation of national security needs, marking a disturbing retreat from democratic practices. Investigative journalism often suffers as a result.”

The threats facing news gathering in the U.S. are felt by both longstanding journalists like New York Times national security reporter James Risen, who may serve jail time for refusing to reveal a source, and non-traditional digital journalists like Barrett Brown.

Brown is a freelance journalist who has reported extensively on private intelligence firms and government contractors. He now faces more than 100 years in jail for linking to stolen documents as part of his reporting, even though he had no involvement in the actual theft.

In 2012, after a series of high-profile journalist arrests at Occupy protests, the United States dropped 27 places in Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index, landing in 47th place.

It’s worth noting, as many have on Twitter, that the ranking of the U.S. versus the U.K. raises some questions. The threats to journalists and the intimidation of sources in the U.S. are deeply troubling, as is the impact of mass surveillance on press freedom.

We should be concerned about press freedom in both the U.S. and the U.K. regardless of what the numbers say, and understand how intertwined anti-press freedom efforts are in both countries.”

Concerned and outraged, I say. This administration has eroded our freedoms on every front, and the erosion of press freedom is highly disturbing.

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.

3 thoughts on “There Is No Free Press in the U.S.”

  1. As a man that has worked in the composing room of a daily newspaper for many years I can say that legally a lot of news cannot be reported without an extensive amount of lawyer work being done. The courts will hang you out to dry if you try.
    So what any good business will do is find the least amount of liability before they pub. That being the wire services of our country. Control the wire services and you pretty much control what news will go out there on TV, Radio, and newspapers.
    Newspapers are in the business of publishing day-old news. The logistics of producing a newspaper dictate that we seldom see news less than a day old. The current trend that works is to go to columnists and magazine-style reading. That is part of why a lot of newspapers in this country are no longer read by the general public. The circulation of a newspaper is dependent on an aging population of readers. It is a habit and easily broken.
    TV news is a joke. So is radio news. Once you get things off the written page then you can pick and choose what you want the public to hear.
    So only the internet is left. Or is it? Because even this medium of news is coming under more and more legislation and criticism as it makes enemies of people in powerful places.
    One of the weapons government uses is public ridicule. IT is an effective weapon against reporting things they do not want you to hear.
    I can remember a time when UFO reporting was ridiculed. Anyone involved in the entire science of Astronomy was likely to be ridiculed for their belief in life other than Earth life in the universe.
    There is science involved in Public Relations. National Psychology is almost required of anyone that wants to influence people.
    One of the oldest books on this was “Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard. It is as true to day as it was then.
    The other way to influence public thinking is with an ad agency. The typography involved in national ads is expensive but very effective to those people that do read. Whether it is a newspaper or even a magazine. The back page in 1950 of a typical national magazine was $100,000. I expect it is more like anywhere from 1 million to 10 million dollars today. A typical national full page ad in the paper I worked for was approximately $6 thousand dollars. That was then. It is obviously the same or more today.
    You ever wonder about grocery ads and the placing of products on the shelves. That too is influenced by these “hidden persuaders”.
    Sales is the ability to persuade someone of their own free will to do something that you want them to do.
    Your entire political advertising and imaging of potential people for office is often mroe than they could possibly make in an entire term of office. I maintain it is a put up job.
    I built ads for a living for close to 40 years at a local newspaper. I worked with creative people in the form of graphic artists. When I retired I was pretty much in charge of getting national ads into the paper without error. That newspaper is one of the very few profitable newspapers in today’s world in the USA.
    My job in the last few years was to keep production errors from occurring. I built very few ads. The ad agencies did the building.
    Money talks. The idea behind journalism was to keep people reading the paper. A lot of that because of our laws has gone by the way side.
    Isn’t it funny that so many of Satan’s devices depend on lawyers and courts?
    Journalists even back in the day that newspapers were the main media exagerated a lot of what they reported. They had to make it seem sensational to keep the circulations of newspapers and media going.
    Now you mostly have one newspaper per town if that.

    • Djohn1-Thanks for the information from an “insider”! Your input about newspapers being afraid to publish due to liability concerns is very eye-opening. Plus public ridicule and the high cost of advertising ads other layers to the problem. So are you saying that the internet is now the only “Free Speech” medium left?

      • Yes. Though there might be more that I am not aware of.
        There is a reason why newspaper advertising is high. We got around the high cost by doing zones once a week. These zones meant an ad was only published in one area of the city. If you advertised in 2 areas, then the price doubled. But the results were very interesting. One small grocery store with an excellent butcher in the meat department was my favorite story. He was advertising for one zone. He paid something like $10 a column inch. Normally he went with a full page. At the time a full page was 6 columns wide by 22 inches deep. I often spent an entire shift doing his grocery ad for him.
        He was paying in the neighborhood of 132 column inches at around $10 per column inch which was $1,320 a week.
        I asked him why he did it. This was the owner of this store. His profits went up 19% since he started advertising. We threw in a 500 copies of the ad each week for his regular customers to use in the store.
        He was literally cleaning off the shelves each week that he advertised in that zone.
        I worked for zones for about 4 years switching off as a billing clerk and an ad builder as needed. I was trained in a lot of areas of the trade. When 9/11 hit, I took over as ad builder for the office while my fellow printer was stuck out of town.
        An average newspaper with a circulation of 100,000 people on the week days and 120,000 on Sunday could command $40 or more per column inch. An average national ad ran around $6,000.
        Those days are almost over with now.
        I blame idiot college management that has not learned the business from the bottom up. I worked in the composing room and out of the composing room in district offices over a period of 42 years. I am also a professional real estate salesman though I have not worked as a salesman in many years.
        The newspaper business is dead because they do not know how to work it.
        The newspaper is printed every day for a cost of $1. $2 on Sundays and if it is worked right it is worth a lot more than that.
        Every time you print a coupon on the internet it costs you more money than it is worth.
        But an average newspaper can have over 50 pages of advertising in it late in the week. All of those advertisements can be coupons. Coupons are the life blood of any printed matter. But you seldom see them any more in the newspapers or magazines.
        Coupons allow you to track sales that are due to the advertising you spend.
        News does not sell newspapers much anymore. The news is basically a review of what happened 2 days ago.
        So you have to depend not on wire service crap. You have to make the news local. And you have to cover high school sports games all over the city if you want circulation. You have to appeal to the lady of the house, the lady that works for a living, and give things like good recipes and teach them tricks of saving money in the paper.

        The greatest killer of circulation of all times was because a manager decided to automate the circulation telephone with a number system. You know the drill. Press one if you need … Well most people unhappy with their news person cancelled the subscription after waiting 15 minutes of this kind of drill without talking to a human being.
        That cost my newspaper 40,000 subscribers over 10 years.
        When I started two retail stores advertised heavily in the paper every day. They had set styles. They used composing room printers to mark up the advertising and build it.
        Those two retail stores advertised heavily until they were bought out by out of town investors. They are both down to a very few stores now that they do not advertise much.
        The way back is to offer news that you cannot get anywhere else. And that includes free speech reporting. The internet sites are supported by advertising of one kind or another much like what we did in the past with newspapers.
        What they do is peek at what you have been up to in your search engines. Then they pattern the advertising on the sites after what they have found out about you.
        Target often grabs attention by putting out false data based on your search. I once patterned my search with lines I knew they would pick up to ridicule them.
        If you want free speech, it comes with a cost. That cost is to protect the right of journalists to protect their sources. That cost is to support investigative reporting even when it is controversial and make it somewhat immune from legal suits.
        What makes a news media liable? They have money. Lots of money to be gained by a good tort lawyer.
        You seldom see anyone sue people who are virtually bankrupt. There is no way to collect.

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