This Is What You Need To Remember When It Seems Like The World Has Completely Gone Mad…

In the old days, the “crazy people” were on the outer fringes of society, but now the “crazy people” are literally running our entire country.  I understand that it can be incredibly frustrating for those of us that deeply love America to watch our country be transformed into a laughingstock.  We were once a beacon of hope for the entire globe, but now we are a punch line.  But the truth is that nobody should be laughing, because what is being done to the United States is a tragedy of epic proportions.  I know that watching the news can be absolutely overwhelming at times, but there is something that I want you to remember when it seems like the world has gone completely mad, and I am going to share that with you at the end of this article.

On Tuesday, the entire nation was focused on the unprecedented events that were unfolding in New York City

Former President Donald Trump pleaded not guilty in a New York City court Tuesday after being charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

The charges, which are related to hush-money payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign, came out of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s years-long investigation.

Bragg alleged that Trump “repeatedly and fraudulently falsified New York business records to conceal criminal conduct that hid damaging information from the voting public during the 2016 presidential election.”

They are really going down this road.

They are actually going to try to put Trump in prison for a long time for not properly accounting for hush money payments that he made to a couple of women that he slept with.

Okay, so where are the charges against Bill Clinton?

He slept with a very long line of women, and he did some very bad things to cover up those affairs.

And what about all of the other heinous crimes that the Clintons have committed?

Of course the Bush family, the Obamas and the Bidens have also done things that are far, far worse than what Trump is being accused of doing.

No matter what you think of Trump, we should all be able to agree that the law should be applied equally to everyone.

But that isn’t going to happen.

I don’t think that I will ever forget watching Trump enter the courthouse on Tuesday

When asked about why he is doing this, Alvin Bragg stated that it is important not to “normalize serious criminal conduct”

But of course Bragg has repeatedly released extremely violent criminals back into the streets where they have committed even more crimes

New Yorkers who survived the city during the pandemic remember the long months when Bragg’s office became a revolving door for career criminals who hit up the streets in broad daylight and had many residents fearing the subways.

While Bragg’s office was preparing to indict Trump, he let violent reoffenders continue to wreak havoc.

In August, Mayor Eric Adams revealed that the same 10 criminals made up nearly 500 crimes and that 60 percent of them were still roaming the streets at that time.

New York City is absolutely teeming with rapists and murderers, and crime rates have gone through the roof on Bragg’s watch.

But he is completely obsessed with taking down Donald Trump, and the mainstream media is willingly going along with the whole charade.

That is why I was so glad to see Prime Time Alex Stein publicly confronting some members of the mainstream media earlier this week

Alex Stein is truly one of a kind.

And he makes a really great point.  Why isn’t the mainstream media talking about the real crimes that our politicians are committing?

And why isn’t the mainstream media more focused on the historic crime wave that we are witnessing all over America right now?

At this point, criminals all across the country are becoming extremely brazen

I was absolutely stunned when I first watched that.

Here is another example of how brazen our criminals have become…

What was that woman thinking?

Unfortunately, the truth is that we are starting to see a lot more incidents like this because our whole country is going downhill very rapidly.

Just look at our schools.  In one middle school in Georgia, students were literally allowed to fight one another as the teacher watched

And our largest corporations are now paying radical activists lots of money to promote their products

Are you kidding me?

At the rate we are going, eventually our entire society will be run by people like this

I know that everything that I have shared up to this point can be extremely maddening.

But please don’t despair.

Even in the midst of all the chaos and all the darkness, there is one thing that you must remember.

God is still in control, and you can trust Him

You could have been born at any time in all of human history, but you were put here for a reason.

Your life has a purpose, and you have a job to do.

It is when times are the darkest that the greatest light is needed, and so don’t be afraid to shine for all the world to see.

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