This Woman Was Given Glimpses Into America’s Catastrophic Future…

All over the world, God is giving men and women of God glimpses into our future, but the vast majority of the population is not interested in such warnings.  And it certainly doesn’t help that so many prominent false prophets have been promising their followers that peace, prosperity and endless good times are ahead.  Whenever such false prophecies fail, it gives unbelievers another excuse to reject the prophetic, and it become even more difficult to get people to pay attention to true prophetic warnings.

This week, Julene Lords sent me a collection of experiences with the Lord that she has had over the years.  Needless to say, these experiences are consistent with other warnings that I have been sharing…

First dream

This first dream I am going to share is very sacred to me. It was the first dream I ever had that I would consider to be revelatory. I had recently been baptized after having to wait several years for parental permission. I was also away at school. The dream was so intense that I woke in the middle of it, looked around my dorm room and realized that I was safe, then immediately fell back to sleep and the dream picked up exactly where it had left off. During the dream and when it was over, I had no doubt whatsoever in my mind regarding the source of the dream or the message.

The reason I am sharing this now is because certain markers in the dream have just occurred. This dream occurred over 20 years ago. I have been watching for the signs I saw ever since. While I don’t know how long it will take for the rest to play out, I do know the sequence, and effectively the dream from decades ago began during the imminently near future. I do know that the time we have left is very short.

This dream begins with me looking down across the US in a panorama view. I’m looking from the North toward the South and able to see East to West. When I was having the dream, I was physically located on the East coast and had lived there most of my life. In the dream I began with the panorama view from the North but then I found myself on the ground, moving between groups of people across the country. At the end of the dream I was in the western part of the US, which is where I currently live.

The first thing I noticed in this dream was how very dark it was. The entire earth was dark. Any light was artificial. It looked like perpetual night even as time passed by in the dream. I understood that this was a spiritual darkness that covered the earth. The next thing I understood was that I had a specific mission I was to perform. I was to warn and encourage people to repent. I must emphasize that this wasn’t just a knowledge of a mission. It was a deep, pervading feeling throughout the entire dream. I had a knowledge that I was among those considered righteous, and yet somehow had an intensely keen awareness of all the ways in which I was still short of the mark. Even knowing I was righteous, I felt horribly inadequate and desperate to repent in any way possible as fully as possible. I’m not even sure how else to describe this. Possibly like a preview of what we will feel at Judgement Day. In the dream this was a very urgent thing. Terrible things were coming to the earth, brought about by our choices. The message was to REPENT. That everything coming could be avoided, even up until the last moment if the world would just REPENT. In any case, my mission was not to tell people to join a specific church, or prepare for catastrophe or any specific action. What mattered was the heart and where it stood. The only thing that mattered was sincere repentance. It was impressed upon me more deeply than anything else I have ever felt in my life.

So that is the background. In this dream, my father was not there. At the time I had the dream and since, my parents lived further West. However, in the dream my mother was in the East again. She was in a hot tub enjoying herself with friends. She was the first I approached in my dream with a message of warning. She didn’t want to hear the message. She just wanted to enjoy herself and the world to continue on as it was.

From the East I moved across the country south and west going to different groups and either warning or observing them. I next saw a group of my peers. They did listen to my message but they did not really believe it and continued on their way.

The next group was scientists. They were gathered around a diagram of the earth. It was drawn to show the earth cut in half across the equator and show the cross section. In the center of the cutaway earth was a symbol. They were very concerned about the earth and all of the changes and damage happening to it. In this dream, I also understood that the natural disasters and problems that were happening at that point on the earth and the ones about to happen were caused by the earth herself. I could feel that she had a spirit and was sick because of all the sin happening on her. It was making the earth physically ill. The disasters were the earth’s natural response to this just as our bodies respond to illness. This group of scientists were looking for a way to help the earth and fix it. They were scared and desperate. I tried to communicate to this group that repentance was the solution. That repentance would heal the earth. They smiled at me in a patronizing way and continued on with their scientific problem solving attempts to find secular answers to what they couldn’t see was truly a spiritual problem. I searched many years to understand this symbol only to discover recently that it is a symbol used by climate scientists.

As I continued to move among groups of people across the country, few listened and almost no one repented. I had a sense of time going by during the dream but couldn’t tell you how long other than that it was a “short” period of time. But I did understand that there was a period of time between the beginning of the dream and what came next.

As I reached the end of warning the groups of persons I was sent to, I knew that time was almost gone. I knew that truly devastating things were about to happen once a certain tipping point was reached if repentance on a large scale did not happen. Individual repentance could still protect individuals, but massive global repentance was needed to protect our world and human family.

At this point I knew that I was righteous and would be protected, despite a keen knowledge of just how far I was from being like the Savior. I also knew that I had a family. This was many years before I had a family of my own. In the dream I was in the West, but they were further north of where I was. I knew that they were safe and I didn’t need to be concerned for them. The dream up to this point had been very busy with a flurry of activity.

And then suddenly everything was still. The world was very dark, but all the noise and motion seemed to stop for just a moment. I knew we had reached that tipping point. I don’t have good words to describe what happened next. I can tell you that it is symbolic.

Even having been expecting it and having known it was coming and that it would be awful, I was shocked at just how truly bad it was. Worse than I could have imagined. It felt like the earth was being ripped to pieces and the pieces sent spinning off in opposite directions across the galaxy. A complete shattering of the world we knew and any semblance of safety or survivability. The earth itself began to react with violent upheavals and reactions of every imaginable kind. People seemed to lose what sanity they had and became vicious. War was everywhere. I dropped to my knees, curled in a ball and covered my bowed head with my hands and began to pray. I know this sounds mutually exclusive but I simultaneously had a feeling of intense fear of what was happening alongside peace knowing that I would be safe.

At this point the dream became so scary and overwhelming that it stopped. All of those feelings of fear were then replaced by a deep sense of peace. Peace that came from outside of me. Complete peace. Along with this peace was an understanding that I had a mission to perform, and that I should be watching and ready. I then awoke and the sacred feelings which accompanied the dream, those of peace and a desire to repent and be righteous continued to linger strongly around me for several days.

Now back to the present. My father died in February. My mother has just purchased a home back East with a hot tub, just like in the dream from over two decades ago. She has spent so many stressful years consumed by caring for my dad that she is looking forward to relaxing and enjoying her life. She is preparing to move there in the fall. Even six months ago I couldn’t and wouldn’t have predicted her making this move. I think that concern about climate change and increasing natural disasters is well understood globally at this point so I will not elaborate there, but at the time of the dream it did not have the attention or concern that it does today. I am now living in the region I saw in my dream. And the world continues to move further and further away from the teachings of the Lord into spiritual darkness.

Events from this dream that I had over two decades ago are imminent. I don’t know how long we have, but I believe we have time to change things still. Although the impression I had from the dream is that while it is possible to change the course the world is on, it is unlikely that the world will. Events prophesied in the Bible will eventually come to pass. I do know this: the most important thing any of us can be doing right now and going forward is to carefully examine ourselves, and humbly accept and repent in any way we can, as well as to encourage those around us to repent. It can take the form of gentle suggestions or encouragement in a good direction. It needn’t be overt or a scary message. But bringing ourselves and others to repentance and, ultimately, to the Savior is the most important thing we can do now and in coming days.

Food dream
30 March 2021, morning

Many of my dreams are symbolic, while also including literal elements. This is one such dream. At the time I had this dream I had stopped my efforts to store food, feeling that I had enough. The message to me in this dream was that I don’t have nearly as much as I think I have and that I needed to continue.

This Dream starts with me at a neighbor‘s home. I have a large basket full and overflowing with raspberries. I offer them to the neighbor to take as much as they like. They scoop a bowlful off the top and say that’s enough- it’s a week‘s worth for our family. I was offering them the whole basket for free but they only wanted enough for right now. They are a large family. They mention that work is slow. In this timeframe of my dream I am working still on storing food away for my own family’s future needs.

In the next scene I am seeing a grocery store. There is food for people to buy, but just what they need. No extra. There isn’t enough to be able to store anything away. Many more people are all out shopping trying buy what they need. This part of the dream is not as casual as the first scene. People seem to have more sense of a need to have food, although it is not panicked yet. I am in a crowd of people trying to buy what we need so we don’t have to draw on reserves. Food is more expensive and there is less variety available.

The last scenes were more disturbing. The setting appeared run down and poorly maintained. There is a trash can next to a table. As I look in, I see Scriptures are in the trash can along with a few pieces of rotten vegetables. It is a nice leather bound set with someone’s name embossed on it. I pick the Bible out of the trash. Other people pick out the rotten vegetables. People are in larger groups. There is not much food available. It was almost like a lottery or bingo to get any. You had to be at the right places at the right times and have the resources available in order to get food. I saw a few bananas broken and shared among several people so that each person had a small piece. My own food reserves were getting low and I was worried. If any one knew you had food you now had 20 new best friends. There were now also many more transitory people, those who for whatever reason no longer had homes are were particularly desperate. A lady approaches me who is helping two small children who weren’t hers. She asks me for food to feed these children. I hesitate as helping even one person means that many more will then flood me asking for help that I cannot possibly give, but know that I need to help anyway. I help them and the dream ends.

Despite current shortages and price inflations, we are actually still in the first portion of this dream. Food is still readily available in a large variety and we can buy as much as we wish to without limits. It is still easy to share even expensive treats like raspberries with my neighbor. Although like my neighbor, even after the pandemic many still do not recognize the need to be prepared against another future day of need; they want only enough for their immediate needs. But days are coming in which food will become more and more scare. Ultimately, as people become more desperate they will care less and less for the things of God. This was symbolized by the scriptures and the rotting food in the trash and which items people valued. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is pretty accurate in that when people don’t have their basic needs met, they can’t really focus on higher things. I think that must be why Jesus healed and fed people before He tried to teach them. Now is the day to prepare. We still have time in which we can set food aside to bless ourselves and others in the days to come.

Invasion and Concentration Camp Dream
Late Spring 2010

In this dream I was seeing a city in the Western half of the United States that was surrounded by mountains. I had a bird’s eye view from up above of the city and what was transpiring below. I saw that America had been invaded by foreign troops. People were being systematically rounded up and sent to where they could be controlled. Some were put in labor camps. Others were sent to die. I don’t know all the methods used to execute prisoners as I know many were shot, but as I saw an overview of these prison and concentration camps the dream zoomed in on one building that appeared to be a type of gas chamber. I will never forget watching the face of a young woman as she died. Those that stood out in any way, those that rebelled, those that were on the fringes of society were the first to be killed. I don’t know why the people were unable to resist as I mostly saw things from up high, but I got the sense that they were unarmed.

I next saw other camps. These were in the mountains. People who were faithful to God had gathered here together before the foreign troops had arrived. They were working together to try to survive. They loved and cared for and sacrificed for one another. They were living peaceably together. They were united in heart and mind and prayer. I then became aware of a group of powerful men who were responsible for the invasion and much of the chaos that had happened in America. I understood that they controlled money. They knew of the groups of Christians and other good persons who had gathered together for safety and they even knew where their camps were. They had directed the foreign troops to go hunt them out and destroy them. I saw the troops searching for these camps. They knew exactly where they were and got very close to some of them. I understood that the only thing keeping these faithful people safe was their trust in God and how closely they followed Him. So long as the people lived by every word of God, they would be protected. If they failed to be true Christians the troops would discover them. The dream ended.

Other dreams

I have had many other dreams with walls of tornadoes wiping the land clean, volcanoes popping up everywhere, tsunamis, earthquakes, famine and war. Some are symbolic, some are literal. Some are both. I also see miracles. Especially when people serve their fellow man and are willing to lay down their own lives to save another- that is when I see miracles happen the most. Food is multiplied like the loaves and fishes or something happens to spare lives for those who risk their own to save another. For now just know that the Day of the Lord as prophesied by Zephaniah, Joel, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Malachi, Jesus and His apostles and others in our day is almost here.

God bless you in the work you and your wife are doing Michael.