Trump Tuesday Means A Shift Of Power for Establishment… And They Are Freaked

Donald Trump - SHTF Plan

Today is a turning point in the election.

For months now, the globalists and the establishment factions in both parties have been on the offensive to try to stop Trump’s momentum.

But if polls hold, today they will become officially unable to stop him from the nomination through ordinary electoral means… though there are still other tools at their disposal.

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1 thought on “Trump Tuesday Means A Shift Of Power for Establishment… And They Are Freaked”

  1. The question here is simple. Is the electorial system rigged to prevent Donald Trump from ever becoming president of this country or not?
    If it is rigged, then a whole lot of people that make claim to it being rigged are justified.
    But that makes the entire party system of Republicans and Democrats stink to high heaven.
    So the question becomes how do we rid the system of these power brokers?
    It may or may not be possible.
    Democrats for years claimed the system is rigged by the Republicans.
    The Republicans notoriously have had big money interests behind their every move.
    Yet even that is not certain. For example, why after abortion became legal, didn’t the Republicans do something about it. And if they didn’t why did the Christian community continue to support them in election after election?
    Why would exposure no longer be a problem for these power brokers?
    Especially if Trump gets a majority of delegates to become the next candidate for election.
    I think it is a case of heads I win, tails you lose.
    Reagan was told to put Bush in as Vice President or face a media that would keep him from ever getting elected. We all know how that almost ended.
    An assassin almost took Reagan out after he became President. Bush would have become President. It really shook Reagan up.
    The Mafia has nothing on this bunch.
    What they need to fear is the reaction of the public if they do the dirty on Trump.
    I suggest they leave the election of Donald Trump alone. There are other means of getting what they want after the election.
    To do dirt on Trump at this point is to face the public down. And I really think that won’t work.

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