Video: Tankers Attacked Near The Straight Of Hormuz – U.S. Officials Blame Iran As War Talk Escalates

On Thursday, two tankers were attacked in spectacular fashion in the Gulf of Oman.  These attacks happened near the strategically important Straight of Hormuz, and U.S. officials are placing the blame squarely on Iran.  Needless to say, this latest incident has made it much more likely that we could be going to war.  The following comes from Fox News

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Iran for the “blatant assault” on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman earlier Thursday.

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Pompeo said: “This assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar Iranian attacks on shipping, and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication.”

He charged that Iran is working to disrupt the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz and this is a deliberate part of a campaign to escalate tension, adding that the U.S. will defend its forces and interests in the region, although he did not elaborate.