Was Justin Trudeau Wearing Fake Eyebrows At The G-7 Summit?

Does Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wear fake eyebrows?

If not, how else can we explain this photo from the recently concluded G-7 summit?

It definitely appears that his “eyebrow” is starting to slip.  If it isn’t fake, what other possible explanation is there?

These are some of the comments that people have made on social media about this “fake eyebrow fail”

• Trudeau’s mascara, eye makeup and eye liner are also wilting. Does he wear the makeup in the family?
• LMAO they really do come unglued after meeting Trump lol
• that’s probably because his face went warm and sweaty from blushing so hard
• Kind of shocking, who wears false eyebrows?
• Think Mirror
• As a woman when I think of false eyebrows I think of a costume or disguise. Someone should buy him a eyebrow pencil, that won’t fall off during important press conferences.
• Or tattoo them. Anything but what he’s doing.
• Very shocking. As a female, I’m all for enhancing your appearance, but I’ve never seen this before, and hope to never see it again.
• Me neither! His other eyebrow is pretty low too, wonder if it’s just the camera angle and he needs a bit (a lot) of shaping. If it is fake, I have little hope for Canada while he is in charge.
• Look again, he has wilting mascara and eye liner it also appears his eye makeup is melting off. He has to wear more makeup than his wife. How many women wear false eyebrows?
• why doesn’t he dye his eye brows when he dyes his hair? I normally would not laugh at this embarrassment, but since he is a cabal phony “nice” guy it makes me laugh.
• Do a search for fake eyebrow fails. Trudeau will now pop up as a result. Hilarious